From One Witch to Another: Citrine

Monday Magick

If you have not worked with the Mineral Kingdom, meditating while holding a stone, gem or crystal is a good way to start.  One of my favorite stones is Citrine.  The array of golden yellow to brown tones reminds me of autumn, and it is beautiful in either its polished or crystalline form to place on your altar for October.  From my book Natural Magick: The Essential Witch`s Grimoire, `Citrine teaches that, if we are open, we create our own confidence, self-image, success, power, leadership skills, money, and prosperity.  Citrine alleviates the stress of the bad habit of feeling out of control, and allows us to move forward in a positive fashion knowing that confidence and success are ours.`  When I wrote that, I was considering that our responses to stressful situations are habitual.  If you do not believe in the energy of stones and crystals, simply carry one to act as a reminder to change your emotional habits and create positive change.  Either way it works!

Blessed be, and have a marvelous week.


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One Response to From One Witch to Another: Citrine

  1. Organic Grower says:

    Thanks for the info.

    I placed a crystal of citrine on my desk and periodically hold it when working.

    Your blog … ROCKS!

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