From One Witch to Another: Happy Mabon!

It is hard to believe that the Autumn Equinox is here!  The Full Libra Moon was gorgeous, and a propitious time for spell casting!  To me, Mabon is a time to go within, to see where I have come since the beginning of the year, and to see where I am headed for the New Year (Samhain).  Since I like to think about New Year’s resolutions and goals on both October 31 and the more traditional December 31, Mabon is an excellent time to become more reflective.

Wishing you a wonderful Mabon season.


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5 Responses to From One Witch to Another: Happy Mabon!

  1. Organic Grower says:

    Ms. Dubats

    Happy Mabon – I have studied and enjoyed your book — am very happy to find
    your website.

    Did you know that your book is often listed in their top 5 by subscribers on

    Your book is my first resource to find what I need and then go to other sources
    to further investigate.

    I especially like the fact that you constantly urge me to develop my own sense,
    trust my intuitions, and create my own path, instead of teaching by wrote

    I do not belong to any coven as yet, most likely will not join one anytime
    soon, so anything you can share of suggest in your Blog will be appreciated.


  2. annlu says:

    Saldu – you are one bitchin’ witch! Love you and cool site. I hope to manifest
    you one of these days. Blessed be.

  3. Debra Kyser Sanborn says:

    I have your original book, it is a constant resource of information for me.
    Your book, Natural Magick, is well rounded and so helpful. Thank you for
    taking the time to write and share this information, it is useful no matter
    what your belief system is!

  4. Share Coughlin says:

    I agree! I had a brain tumor this year and it has been successfully removed and
    I am on the mend. I am busy thinking about what career field to go into,
    whether or not I could make a living as a crafter( arts and crafts that is!) I
    also need to start exercising and loose a few pounds. I would LOVE to try to
    write something with you! There is already a WCraft craft book out, but who
    knows. Hope you are well and happy. Your picture is great!

  5. Lady Hawk says:

    I love your book, and happy to see your blog! Blessed Mabon to you too!

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