From One Witch To Another: Imbolc

Greetings! Imbolc arrives February 2nd. It is traditionally a time of cleansing and purification, and it is a time of rediscovering Light after winter. Also called Candlemas, Imbolc is a Gaelic word which refers to the return of milk to the ewes as Spring will soon arrive. Milk is said to be a gift of the Goddess Brigid, whom we celebrate on this day. Imbolc is an incredibly beautiful Sabbat; using candles for healing, visualization, and blessings creates a wide-eyed awe as we bring back the Light and the days grow a little longer. Imbolc is also Ground Hog Day, a form of weather divination which we can see mirrored in old limericks and couplets. A Scottish example: “If Candlemas Day is Bright and Clear, There’ll be two winters in the year.” Wishing you a beautiful Imbolc.

Blessed be,


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4 Responses to From One Witch To Another: Imbolc

  1. Organic Grower says:

    Imbolc Indeed! Our cobntiguous neighbors’ fences are filled with new life.
    Four new calfs and new lambies, the babies are so cute! They are certainly
    “in milk” with more on the way.

  2. Organic Grower says:

    Hello Sally –

    For all us sheperds and herders, Imbolc is really a critical holiday. By the
    next Sabat, we’ll hve our births and this years gifts of life and sustenance.

    Any further persopectives on this Sal?

  3. NW Covenless says:

    Hey Sal –

    Looking forward to Imbolc – such a bgeautiful Sabat. Can you post a schedule
    of any readings or lectures you might be doing – I thnk there are several of us
    that would be interested in knowing.


  4. So Cal Rituals says:

    “If Candlemas be dark and cloudy,
    ???” Do you know???

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