From One Witch To Another: Make it so!

So, here we are… JANUARY! Maybe on the first of the month you took out your old resolutions. You know the ones. These are the same resolutions you had last year, and maybe even the year before (and maybe the year before that!). You dusted off those resolutions, shook them out, examined them, and thought, ‘Hey! These would work perfectly for THIS year too.’ Count me in… I’ve done it too. I like to think that simply making them enables me to inch forward, keeping a better idea of ‘me’ in my head, working toward my goals. So, what can make this year different? For one, don’t make resolutions. No, I’m serious. Don’t do it! Especially if they’re the same resolutions from last year. It reinforces that resolutions don’t work. Instead, create who you want to be in your mind’s eye. How do you want to look? Do you want to be more loving? Do you want to have more money? Do you want to give more? Do you want to donate your time and talents? Visualize it… and then put it on your calendar. Here’s another secret – I really like Star Trek Next Gen. I wouldn’t call myself a “Trekkie”, but it’s an fun metaphysical show that I enjoy. Here’s what you do: Pretend your “Higher Self” is Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and the part of you that runs around all day doing things is his “Number One”, Commander Riker. ¬†Every time Captain Picard says, “Make it so!”, Riker does! No matter how hard the task, the job¬†gets done and the universe is saved from oblivion.

So… New you for a new year? Make it so!

Blessed be!


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3 Responses to From One Witch To Another: Make it so!

  1. NWCovenless says:

    Hi Sally.

    Great to find your website. I have used your book as a reference for years –

    I live in Portland area, sounds like you are in the PNW as well? I’m pertty
    much a solitaire, like you, but would love to find some people to celebrate
    holidays with — any ideas?

    I’ll keep checking back for other Blogs – so good to have found you.

  2. Organic Grower says:

    Hey Sal –

    Happy New Year.

    My favorite episode on S-T Next Gen was a two parter where this guy the pick up
    is having increasingly difficult physical spasms. Eventually the guy turns
    into pure energy in the form of light! Love that one – even use it when I

    Hope you ‘Make IT so’ for yourself, know I will be doing the same!!!

    Blessed Be

  3. SoCal Rituals says:


    Happy New Year, Ms Dubats. Looking forward to many posts – hopefully even some
    examples of types of spells, correspondences, and rituals you are working with.

    Please, MAKE IT SO!

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