From One Witch to Another: Your Star Wars Name


Thank you so much for your feedback and words of encouragement.  I will write more seriously about witchy things, nature, etc., but wanted to share this fun game with you.  Just for fun, and since  a friend of mine has identified our secret Royal Star Wars Names, I want to post how to create your OWN Royal Star Wars Name!  My apologies; I do not know who created this game… but of course I just fell madly in love with it since SciFi is one of my favorite genres and this is just hysterical.

My full Star Wars name is:  Her Royal Highness Saldu Ch’pon

Here are the instructions for your Star Wars name:

Write the first three letters of your first name and the first two letters of your last name to make the first word.

Write the first two letters of your mother’s maiden name and the first three letters of your city of birth for the second word.

If you have too many consonants, feel free to hyphenate or use an apostrophe as needed 🙂

Precede this with “His/Her Royal Highness” or any other title you desire such as Commander, High Holy Priest/ess, Master of the Universe… and feel free to promote yourself often.  Oh, and you can also demote yourself or others (but then there is that messy karma issue).

And there you have it!

Blessed be!


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One Response to From One Witch to Another: Your Star Wars Name

  1. SoCal Rituals says:

    What Fun!

    We took your advice and did this at a gathering to discuss rituals, and the
    comic relief was hilarious, then back to some good divining.

    Love your book, it is a wonderful resource and guide.

    We look forward to getting more serious heads up blogs from you real soon.

    Glad to see

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