Scotty McCreery, Lady Gaga, and the 4th of July

Could there be anything more American than Scotty McCreery winning American Idol? He exemplifies the American Dream, and his dark chocolate voice is absolutely gorgeous.


Could there be anything more American than Lady Gaga shooting to stardom in the time it takes her little monsters to do a term paper?

There are so many different kinds of people in our country. There are big differences and little differences. Some differences are easy to rattle off: ethnicity, religion, and politics. There are smaller differences: musical tastes, fashion, and even differences in diet. But the best example I have seen about differences in Americans is definitely American Idol.

Lady Gaga, whose Goth-Madonna-Anime music and performance genius I absolutely love, gave professional advice to American Idol winner Scotty McCreery. I think one thing we all agree on: Scotty McCreery could not be more different than Lady Gaga. His religious background made him kiss his cross after meeting her, and then he said, “Lord, I had nothing to do with it.“ And Scotty McCreery`s gifted voice is one of the most amazing things I`ve ever, ever, heard in music (Go Scotty!).

But that`s just the point. We live in a country where you can watch talent so diverse it`s impossible to judge just who should be the American Idol. And the differences seem small until you put them side by side. It made me laugh because, side-by-side, Lady Gaga and Scotty McCreery and his sparkling blue eyes are about as different as the teen lovers in “The Grimoire Chronicles: Veil Between Worlds”, my book about a 17-year-old witch set apart in high school for being different and a paranormally gifted boy with a golden voice.

In America, and in the world, we all want the same basic things. In America, we`re lucky enough to consider the pursuit of happiness and religious freedom are among our constitutional birth rights. So, some of us pray for our soldiers` safety, and some of us cast protection spells for them.

That`s America.

As for me and being American: put it this way – I wasn`t born on the 4th of July, and I`m not outwardly patriotic, yet I joined the U.S. Navy when I was seventeen and served for four years, and I care deeply about our country. I think caring about America is different from being patriotic. I love apple pie, but I like mine with cardamom in it. And I`m a witch. It`s my religion, and I admire Scotty for his devotion to his religion.

During ritual recently, I sent protective energy to our troops as many pagans do. (By the way, one of the best descriptions of Wicca I know is in the Army Chaplain`s Handbook.) I don`t like that we`re at war, but I do protection spells for our troops and innocent civilians and put some positive energy into the world.

I don`t see the difference between my spells and a mother praying for her son`s or daughter`s safety. I cast protection spells for her son`s or daughter`s safety too, even though I don`t know them.

And we`re both Americans. And we both want the same thing.

And then I see a picture of a soldier in full combat gear carrying a little girl who is crying and covered in soot. Behind them there is smoke and a blown up jeep. They`re the lucky ones. They`re safe.

For now.

I thank the Goddess. And I think there is a mother, girlfriend, lover, partner, wife, or sister somewhere who sees that same picture and has fallen on his or her knees sobbing with gratitude knowing that soldier is alive.

Side by side I watched American Idol with millions of viewers, all different. I watched the news of the war with millions of Americans, all different. Maybe not everybody wanted Scotty to win (I did), but I know that not one American wants another soldier harmed. I think in that we`re all alike.

I love small town 4th of July parades and fireworks. I love that so many people gather who are so completely different. My favorite part of the parade is the dogs dressed up in red, white, and blue. Could anything be cuter than a Chihuahua with a red, white and blue Elizabethan collar? It`s a Mexican dog. Maybe someone else will like the French poodle dyed red, white and blue. Then again, maybe there will be a breed dressed like Lady Gaga – how cute would THAT be?

And that`s what makes us American.

Happy 4th of July everybody.

And Blessed Be.

Sally Dubats

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5 Responses to Scotty McCreery, Lady Gaga, and the 4th of July

  1. laura reese says:

    love it! what a nice way to recognize and celebrate our differences!

  2. Gerri Higa-Williams says:

    Greetings Sally, read your blog, well said. I’ve always believed that the best
    description of an American is there really isn’t any. We are all different and
    that is what should be celebrated as an American. We are different and diverse,
    we are American.

  3. Owlswillow says:

    Lol….that’s how I felt about Kurt Nilson (world idol)

  4. NW Covenless says:

    Great Blog. I’m going to order your new book, as soon as I can. Your
    reference book, NAtural Magick is my primary guide to assembling my rituals. I
    wish everyone knew how very ‘American’ we all are.

  5. Organic Grower says:

    WOW! Well said Sally D.
    I’ve been feeling a lot of the same thoughts,
    but did not know how to verbalize them.

    I’m going to tell everyone I know to read your 4th of July Blog.

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