In-Depth Tarot: A 9-Week Course

Begins: Thursday, July 13, 2017 – for 9 weeks

7:00pm to 8:30pm

Flanders House
2926 NE Flanders St, Portland, OR

In-Depth Tarot: A Spiritual Journey

With Sally Dubats

Thursdays, 9 Weeks
Beginning July 13th

7:00pm to 8:30pm

Flanders House
2926 NE Flanders St.
Portland, OR 97232

Learn to read the Tarot in this deeply personal class. Discover the Tarot Constellations: nine groups of cards based on numerology and founded on ancient archetypes. This 9-week experiential journey will teach you to read the Tarot with absolute confidence.

You will learn and experience:

 The Nine Constellations
 The Four Elements
 Intuition Exercises
 The Court Cards
 Symbols within the Cards
 Reading Practice
 The Major Arcana
 The Minor Arcana
 Guided Visualizations

You will come away with a deeper understanding of yourself, those you love, and a connectedness to the messages from your Higher Self, your Soul. Another profound aspect is developing a personal relationship with your cards as they tell you what they mean to YOU, and trusting your own vast wellspring of intuition when you connect with another during a reading. The more you trust, the more you’ll feel the presence of your angels, guides, and teachers and the angels, guides, and teachers of those for whom you’re reading. The loving empathy that we all share is phenomenal. This class is for beginners and experienced readers alike.

Please bring:

Birth dates of a few friends and family, living or deceased.

3-ring Binder with lined paper (100-count is enough to begin with). I’ll be adding hand-outs and we’ll be doing some journaling in class.

Tarot Deck(s): A Tarot deck is comprised of a Major Arcana, a Minor Arcana, and Court Cards. Bring a deck that has images with people and objects in the Minor Arcana. For example, the three of cups is traditionally depicted as three women dancing with goblets. Some decks have minor arcana that look like playing cards, and you would only see three goblets depicted. Because we’ll be studying symbols and archetypes, you’ll need the deck with imagery.

This is a deeply experiential course. You will learn to intuit and read hands-on. Many, not all, are able to confidently read professionally upon completion of this course; this is especially true if you have some prior love of or history with the cards.

This will be an intimate event with limited space available.
RSVP to Sally Dubats

Class: $195 – Plus a $5 Discount for Everett House Soaking Each Week! Classes will be recorded for student use only. MP3 recordings will be available for any missed classes. Once you RSVP, please email Sally at regarding payment prior to the start of class.

Sally Dubats is a published author and has guided sacred rituals and workshops for over twenty years. She views the Tarot as a beautiful vehicle to understanding our personal archetypes, and the gateway to our Highest Selves.


Sally is able to read a room full of people and direct their energy towards a common goal that somehow serves every individual in some kind of way. She can feel the common pulse and use it to promote introspection, connection and healing. ~ Ivana

Sally’s tarot card readings are amazingly accurate. She intuitively reads each card and shows you your life. She is great at recommending things to do to make your future even brighter when or if she sees something a little off or negative. I highly advise a reading by Ms.Dubats! ~ Share C.

Sally is an excellent creator and facilitator of Sacred Space. Her knowledge and resources are unlimited. Sally’s capability to transform a person’s experience is a gift. I have had the privilege to work with her in a group atmosphere where she shares her many ways of delivering a life changing shift. She delivers with grace, sincerity, and humor. She is the most integrated being, with the biggest heart, I have had the pleasure of meeting. ~ Melissa D.

As a facilitator, Sally has a grounded, clear energy, but can also be fiercely passionate when that’s what is needed in the moment. You’ll definitely want to take the journey she unfolds for you! ~ J.D.

Sally’s gentle & conscious facilitation of our 2+ hour ceremony to bring in the new year was amazing. She led our group of over 20 people through a series of wonderful, thought provoking exercises that brought us closer together as a group while also taking us deeper into ourselves. I look forward to the next occasion where I’m blessed by Sally’s guidance and wisdom. ~ Bob M.

Sally created a sacred container to dive into realms of exploration and expansion. Her ability to tune into my process utilizing the Tarot deck was beautiful, insightful and thorough. The interpretation she used to read the cards left me feeling supported and connected to myself and the divine. ~ Robin B.
Overlaying intuitive interpretation with concrete numerology calculations, Sally creates a Tarot reading experience that weaves together the holographic bird’s eye view of one’s life with concrete personal relevance. She communicates her interpretation in clear, relevant language; her readings are filled with useful insights that are applicable to understanding and changing one’s life as it is now… now, and then into the future. Each reading that I’ve gotten from Sally has been filled with epiphanies (at the time or later on) that have greatly helped me understand the path I am on. I recommend her 100%! ~ Rose C.

Trance-Fusion: Your Inner Wisdom

Monday, July 10, 2017

7:30pm to 9:00pm – class starts promptly!

Awakenings Wellness Center

1016 SE 12th Avenue, Portland, OR

You have your own unique inner wisdom that guides you every day in every moment. When presented with challenges and choices, we can consult friends and family, but we’re adding to the confusion by doing so. Friends and family have their own agenda for giving advice — keeping us safe. But what if the direction that doesn’t feel safe is the way to go? What if our heart tells us to break free? Practicing hearing our own voice within strengthens the “wisdom within muscle.”

Got a question? Come and dance the answer.

Trance-Fusion is a new sacred workout for the mind, body, and spirit. We tend to separate meditation, movement, and motivation/goal setting into separate categories, times, and places. This class is like no other. It is a fusion of healthy, fun, and yes – sacred – modalities to bring you in tune with your highest Self and crystalize your best future.

Trance-Fusion flows through 5 major personal growth techniques: Meditation, Visualization, Movement, Motivation with Goal Setting, and Deep Gratitude. These tools transform lives. The first portion of the class is guided meditation and visualization to connect you to your Spirit or direct you toward your goals. We then move into a gentle warm-up of mindful yoga, then sweaty, intentional dance — absolutely no dance experience necessary! The class ends with a motivation/goal setting session and a deep gratitude nightcap. Trance-Fusion will get you profoundly in touch with your body, mind and spirit.

It’s your life — Be amazing.

Every Monday: 7:20pm to 9:00pm

Drop In ~ All Levels Welcome

$20-$10 sliding scale (Pay the amount you wish. $10 is generally for needs-based.)

Option: pay one class at a time Option: pre-pay for month; pay for 4 classes, receive 1 free! (Or bring a guest!) Cash, credit card accepted.

Email sally at trance-fusion dot com for questions or your payment options

Important Notes: Arrive by 7:20 for a 7:30 start time.

Enter through left side door via the ascending ramp.

Wear comfortable clothes for movement. We will be seated on the floor, and rising to move. Back-jacks and cushions are available. Check in with Sally for any physical or other limitations. Please bring your journal and pen; we’re going on a journey!


Tarot in the Park!

August 6, 2017

7:00pm to 8:30pm

Peninsula Park

N Rosa Parks Way &

N Kerby, Portland, OR



From the rose garden, go up the steps, past the gazebo – we’ll be on a blanket in the shade trees to the left!

Greetings Tarot Folk!

Bring your blanket and a snack for a lovely Tarot in the Park meetup! This is a focused Tarot discussion in a relaxed atmosphere. We’ll gather in the shade for community, learning, and sharing of knowledge.

We’ll start with a grounding meditation followed by introductions. The topic is Matching Layout, and we’ll have a chance to look at a 3-card layout that is designed to check in with past, present, and future. Bring your cards if you have them, and a pen and notebook is an absolute must! All levels welcome – and all levels will definitely benefit!

Where: Locate the Gazebo — we’ll be behind it in the shady area to the left!

Please Bring:

Notebook and Pen
Tarot Cards
Open Heart and Open Mind

Donations appreciated, but not necessary.

I look forward to meeting you!

Brightest blessings,