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New Moon Spell For Change: Maiden, Mother, Crone

The Virgo New Moon is September 15th at 10:11 pm, eastern. It’s an interesting New Moon to me because the following Saturday is Mabon (September 22nd), and the Saturday after that is an Aries Full Moon (September 29th). Whether you’re … Continue reading

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Paranormal Wednesday!

     I’d like to extend a big thank you to Shonda Brock for creating “Paranormal Wednesday”! Every week Shonda highlights a different paranormal author (Genius, right? One stop, and you can find all kinds of great books!), and I’m so happy … Continue reading

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Discover How to Stay in the Present While Planning for the Future

       I recently had a friend say she didn’t want to plan for a particular future  event (a guy who was interested in her wanted to take her on a date) because she was practicing “being in the present”. I … Continue reading

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Witchcraft and the Law of Attraction

We hear so much about being able to “draw anything to us if we want it badly enough!” The Law of Attraction says, that “like attracts like”. Please understand: “wanting something badly” simply draws more “wanting something badly”. Feel in … Continue reading

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