Natural Magick

Natural Magick

A note from Sally…

Since Natural Magick, Inside the Well-Stocked Witch’s Cupboard, was published, there has been such amazing feedback. Your support and enthusiasm has been tremendously gratifying.

The book was re-released with a new title:
Natural Magick: The Essential Witch’s Grimoire

The purpose of writing the book was twofold: 1) to create a single reference where you could go to create spells and rituals without having to go to several different sources, and, 2) to write a book that shows you how to craft your own spells which I think are more powerful than using someone else’s. Controversial, I know… but that’s how I feel based on my studies and experience.

The images on the right are of the newest book, the original, and the German version.

If you have read the book, thank you! And please feel free to e-mail me with your thoughts.

If you haven’t read the book, I hope you will enjoy it!

Blessed be,


Excerpt From
Natural Magick: The Essential Witch’s Grimoire

Chapter 1

There is a dance. The dance moves throughout the universe, throughout the galaxy, throughout the planets, throughout the earth, throughout the earth’s creations… crystals, plants, trees, people, you. In this dance within you and within everything in the universe, there is a single energy, the music, creating a connectivity between the participants. The dance is joyous, and it’s noisy!

Natural Magick is intended to show you ways that various gifts from the Earth combined with your natural talents dance together. Herbs, crystals, astrology, sacred tools, intuition, visualization, divination – together these create natural magick. The more intricate the music, the more divine the dance, the more wonderful the magick performed. Natural Magick is also intended to teach you how to use your intuition.

Because all things are connected, when you understand one magickal principle, the easier it becomes to understand the next. For example,, since several forms of divination contain numerology, once you understand the basics of numerology and the meanings of numbers, you will much more quickly learn the Tarot and the meanings of the numbers on the cards. Likewise, studying the concepts behind elements of earth, wind, air and fire will enhance your knowledge of the Tarot and astrology, as both contain aspects of the elements. In other words, the basic knowledge of a few magickal principles will open the doors to many. Your magick will then become more intuitive based on the strength of these principles.

As your magick and Craftwork become more intuitive, you will learn to think about and intuit answers before trying to find them in a book or finding another source which is external rather than internal. Your internal sources already know the answers, and they already know how to perform magick. You will begin to ask yourself questions regarding how to understand a certain challenge rather than try to find answers elsewhere. Oftentimes you will find the answers that came from within you are repeated in other sources, and thus your intuition is confirmed. This process will allow you to begin the routine of trusting your intuition. Realizing that the answers come from within you and later seeing your solutions confirmed elsewhere is far more empowering than memorizing a book. It’s a catch-22. If you don’t trust your intuition, your intuition won’t work.

Magick is natural. Take joy and delight in your willingness to open up and experiment. Most of all, take joy in your personal growth and your ability to effect positive change in your life.
Let’s dance!

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