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Thank you for visiting. I have been reading Tarot cards and providing energy services professionally for over twenty years. My services include:

Tarot Consultations: A consultation takes approximately an hour (sometimes more, rarely less). A typical session is in person if you are in the Portland area, or we can do a distance reading by phone if you are in the United States. Outside the US I will send you a written reading. Sessions include your Tarot Constellation, which is based on your date of birth and personal numerology, and where you are in your personal 9-year cycle. It is extremely helpful to understand your personal Constellation as it helps to identify your beautiful strengths and how to deal with potential weaknesses. During your consultation, we’ll also discuss an area of your life that you’re curious about — whether it’s romance, work, a decision, the year ahead, or your Life in general. Readings are based on a sliding scale of $65 to $45. If you purchase a second gift reading at the time of your reading, the gift reading is $40.

Energy Session: To deal with a stuck energy/emotional issues, I also do private Energy Sessions. This includes a Tarot reading to get to the base of your issue, coupled with modalities which we would discuss at the time of your visit, and is based on your Tarot reading. This could include one or more modalities such as Laying on of Stones with meditation, chakra clearing, Reiki, EFT, or NLP. The cost for this is $125, and can be up to two hours.

Tarot Gatherings: I also do Tarot Gatherings at your home. My fee for reading during your party is $275), and requires a separate room or space for the privacy of your guests. This is usually a first-come-first served basis with a sign-up for ten-minute readings. I cover a lot of ground in ten minutes. Email me for further information: sally at sallydubats dot com


Sally reads the cards with knowledge, authority, and a gifted psychic sense. She really helped me when I had a tough decision to make. She gave me some great information and I was able to choose the right direction. ~Kristen R.

Overlaying intuitive interpretation with concrete numerology calculations, Sally creates a Tarot reading experience that weaves together the holographic bird’s eye view of one’s life with concrete personal relevance. She communicates her interpretation in clear, relevant language; her readings are filled with useful insights that are applicable to understanding and changing one’s life as it is now… now, and then into the future. Each reading that I’ve gotten from Sally has been filled with epiphanies (at the time or later on) that have greatly helped me understand the path I am on. I recommend her 100%! ~Rose C.

Sally is able to read a room full of people and direct their energy towards a common goal that somehow serves every individual in some kind of way. She can feel the common pulse and use it to promote introspection, connection and healing. ~Ivana D.

Sally’s tarot card readings are amazingly accurate. She intuitively reads each card and shows you your life. She is great at recommending things to do to make your future even brighter when or if she sees something a little off or negative. I highly advise a reading by Ms.Dubats! ~Share C.

Sally created a sacred container to dive into realms of exploration and expansion.  Her ability to tune into my process utilizing the Tarot deck was beautiful, insightful and thorough. The interpretation she used to read the cards left me feeling supported and connected to myself and the divine.  ~Robin B.


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  1. Ann Connolly says:

    Hi Sally,
    I was gifted Tarot reading of r my birthday by a friend. How do I go about redeeming it? I live in California. I am very excited to talk with you. Thanks, Ann

    • Sally Dubats says:

      Hi Ann!

      Your email was forwarded to me — watch for an email from me with instructions regarding how the phone reading will work!

      Brightest blessings!


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