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Flirting Spell

Flirting Spell
Flirting Spell 

This spell is to draw out your flirty side!

There are a lot of love spells circulating, but there are very few spells that address the most basic aspect of love: The initial meeting, and the art of FLIRTING! For some, whether male or female, the act of flirting is second nature. For those of us who are slightly shy or need confidence, a magickal nudge can make all the difference! This also works if your current relationship needs a little spice. With all the holiday parties this time of year, a flirting spell is just what the Witch Doctor ordered 😉

I like this spell because it is about giving yourself confidence, not manipulating others. This spell enhances a part of you that already exists, but that maybe you haven’t dusted off in a while.

You will need incense. Sandalwood or Patchouli are particularly nice for works of magick involving love and flirting. You will also need a crystal or a stone to use as a talisman.

This is a simple spell that only takes minutes and is incredibly effective. Do this spell just before a social engagement when you are likely to need your flirtatious side and want to feel particularly attractive. Couples in a relationship may also enchant each other in a similar fashion to bring one another into a like-minded state (wink wink).

The chakras are energy centers in the body. There are seven main chakras that are positioned from the base of the spine to the top of the head, and have a long history within Tantric practices. To bring out your flirty side, you will bless each one to be in alignment with your magnetic self, your flirty self. This spell works especially well if you’re normally shy at gatherings. You can change the words to suit your needs; perhaps you simply want help coming out of your shell to meet people and be at ease.

To perform the spell, get ready for your party, date, night at home with your sweetheart, or trip to the library (there are lots of places to flirt!). Dress in a way that makes you feel sexy, and within your comfort zone. Smile a lot while you’re getting ready, and envision a fabulous night (or envision at least smiling at someone while grocery shopping).

Light the incense.

Prepare yourself by slowing down from the cares of the day and sliding into the present moment. Inhale, and as you exhale relax your body. Inhale, and as you exhale, allow your mind to calm and thoughts to slow. Inhale, and as you exhale, relax your spirit by releasing any expectation.

Hold the incense in front of you, and guide the incense with your hand by waving the smoke toward the top of your head. This is the seventh chakra that connects us to the spirit realm. Say these words or words of your own, “I bless my seventh chakra to be in alignment with my joyful self who is drawn to others who are like minded.”

Guide the incense smoke toward your third eye, the sixth chakra between the eyebrows responsible for seeing intuitively, and say, “I bless my sixth chakra to enhance my intuition to see who I need to meet.”

Guide the smoke toward your throat, the fifth chakra responsible for communication (both listening and speaking), and say this or words of your own, “I bless my fifth chakra to release communication inhibitions, draw fun and enchanting words from my mouth, and recognize and be receptive when someone is attracted to me.”

Guide the incense smoke toward your heart, the fourth chakra responsible for Oneness with All and loving the Self. Say these or similar words, “I bless my fourth chakra to open to a joyful and lighthearted night!”

Guide the incense smoke toward your solar plexus, above the navel, the third chakra responsible for personal will, and say these or similar words, “I bless my third chakra to be in alignment with my personal will to open up socially tonight and be the dynamic and flirtatious person I envision.”

Guide the incense smoke toward your second chakra, just below the navel, the chakra responsible for relationships, sexuality and creativity. Say these words or similar, “I bless my second chakra and open myself to desire and being desired, and I open myself to being creative and free in expressing my sensuality.”

Guide the incense smoke toward your first chakra at the base of the spine (you can guide toward the front side of your body), the chakra responsible for connecting to our vitality, health, wealth, and hearth, and our connection to Mother Earth. Say these words or similar, “I bless my first chakra to open myself to my personal vitality, the force that guides me joyfully through this adventure called Life.”

Finally, hold your crystal or stone over the smoke, and visualize yourself being social, carefree, and above all: FLIRTATIOUS! Visualize a really fun evening, and mentally infuse a snapshot of that image into the crystal. Carry the crystal with you for a Talisman to Flirt. If you have a pocket, keep it there and hold it for extra confidence. Be bold and smile!

Perform this spell before any social engagement with the potential to meet someone special, and see how receptive you become to all the signals around you!


Brightest Blessings!

When You Don’t Know What To Do…

When You Don’t Know What To Do…

Sometimes Life has too many paths to choose from, and sometimes Life can feel like it offers no paths.

The first situation, too many paths to choose from, might look something like a career change or choice. If you’ve been in a job for a long time and it is no longer fulfilling or challenging, you know you need to make a change. If you’re in college selecting a major, you need to make a choice. In both of these instances, the paths seem to take your life in as many directions as octopi have arms. The choices immobilize you because what if you’re wrong.

The second situation, which feels like there are no paths to change your life, you feel stuck. This might look like a long-time friendship that no longer serves you, but you continue spending time with that no-longer-friend out of a sense of loyalty. It feels like you have no choice. Feeling stuck, like there are no paths out, might also look like staying in a living situation that just doesn’t feel good because maybe you don’t believe you can change your life. What if you fail?

Neither of these situations feels good. And that’s just the point. They don’t feel good, and trying to think yourself out of either of these boxes when you don’t feel good doesn’t work. If it did, you would already be on the path to the next stage of your life. Thinking yourself out of the box is like a little gray mouse on a wheel that spins to nowhere. You keep thinking the same thoughts. Sometimes those thoughts are great, but you don’t act on them. Usually the reason you can’t change starts with the word because, or the phrase What if… ?

To change your path, you have to change your day-to-day feelings about your life, no matter your circumstances. There is a lot of talk about visualizing the things that you want, and there is a lot of very useful talk about feeling your way through to a new way of being. But sometimes we don’t know what the heck to visualize, we only know we want change! We don’t know what a new job would feel like, so we can’t go there. We don’t know what a new life would look like, so we can’t go there.

When you’re stuck, let go of any outcomes. Release trying to figure out the next step. Let go of trying to think your way onto another path or solution. Let go of trying to figure out what a new path would look like. Instead, do whatever it takes to feel better now. When you’re feeling good, feeling clear, feeling happy, the new ideas come to you because you’ve created new pathways that are accompanied by new thoughts.

Think back to the new thoughts you had as a child. Did you ever build a fort when you were a kid? I built snow forts in the winter. In the summer I dug holes in the ground and put boards over them to make secret forts that looked like Kivas. Usually when I built a fort, it was with a feeling of excitement and a sense of adventure. It was the coolest thing on the planet, and I was totally absorbed in the task. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, there was zero stress, worry, “becauses” or “What ifs” involved. I never thought a fort would crash, and it didn’t. (Maybe I should have been an architect. Hmmm.)

We need to get back to that, back to feeling good so that we can make choices that bring out our sense of excitement and adventure. When you feel good, you meet new people because you’re literally vibrating at a different level. Those new people might lead to a new job, new friendships, or new relationships. When you feel good, you become more receptive. When you’re not stressed, change doesn’t loom ahead like a giant Worry Monster that haunts every waking moment.

Let go. Choose one new thing that makes you feel good, and do that so that you begin to feel good. The perfect next step will come when you’re least expecting it! When you feel good, there are no wrong answers or failures. When you feel good, you’ll know what to do!

(Please note: This is not for extreme life situations. Get help immediately if you are in a dangerous or manipulative situation. Take action now, no matter how you’re feeling about it or how it will affect those around you.)





Franz Mesmer Healing Session

I just watched a remarkable metaphysical film called “Mesmer” starring Alan Rickman (he didn’t look anything like Professor Snape). It was about the life of Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer , the father of animal magnetism. His name is where we get the word mesmerize. Mesmer was controversial, far ahead of his time, and he taught that we could heal our own bodies, afflictions come from our emotions, and that the planets and especially the moon affect us physically (not to be confused with astrological medicine). Mesmer was all about being in harmony with earth in order to be in harmony with ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. His colleagues didn’t agree and even brought him to trial as a fraud and a charlatan.

My favorite scene is when Mesmer is mirror gazing (scrying!) and has a revelation. We see a flashback to his youth, and it isn’t until he tells a patient about the revelation that we understand its magnitude. He shares that, when he was a little boy, he would climb high on a rocky hill and put his ear to the earth. He could hear the earth spinning, and had the realization that all things on earth–plants, animals, trees, rocks, birds–are in harmony: except Mankind. This was the reason, he believed, that we have sickness of the physical body, the spirit, or mental health issues.

His boyhood revelation took him on a lifelong study of medicine, the discovery of magnetism, and how our health relates to our harmony with the earth and others. Some of the gestures in the film during his healing sessions were very much like Reiki or other kinds of energetic healing, albeit quite a bit more theatrical.

The Wikipedia article says it best, “Mesmer understood health as the free flow of the process of life through thousands of channels in our bodies. Illness was caused by obstacles to this flow. Overcoming these obstacles and restoring flow produced crises, which restored health. When Nature failed to do this spontaneously, contact with a conductor of animal magnetism was a necessary and sufficient remedy. Mesmer aimed to aid or provoke the efforts of Nature. To cure an insane person, for example, involved causing a fit of madness. The advantage of magnetism involved accelerating such crises without danger.” There are several modes of healing that agree with this philosophy.

Mesmer was controversial and ahead of his time, and I wish the film had highlighted more of his many successes. The strongest message that I took away from the film was that we are all Pioneers in one way or another, and that to be unique is to be in harmony with ourselves. Being in harmony with ourselves allows us to find our tribe, to be in harmony with those who support and love us, and that in turn allows us to give our unique gifts and revelations to the world.


The Goddess is Ecstasy!

The Goddess is Ecstasy!

The act of creation is an act of ecstasy, and creative energy is Goddess energy. To align yourself with Goddess energy, which is creative energy, is to be in a state of ecstasy. According to, ecstasy is defined as, 1) rapturous delight, 2) an overpowering emotion or exaltation; a state of sudden, intense feeling, 3) the frenzy of poetic inspiration, and 4) mental transport or rapture from the contemplation of divine things.

Ask yourself if you have felt ecstasy when you create. Whether art, writing, parenting, building, acting, or dance, think how you literally lose yourself and lose track of time when your creation comes from joy. Think of some truly triumphant moments in your life. Creating and being creative is quite euphoric. Using our Goddess-given creativity honors the Divine Feminine, and using our creative gifts contributes to the entire planet, Mother Earth.

Honoring the Divine Feminine wouldn’t be complete without considering intuition, receptive energy, and protection.

Whether we’re male or female, we have the ability to use intuition and be receptive. Intuition is a receptive activity. Think of the phrase, “It suddenly came to me…” Feel how our language perfectly describes the receptive aspect of intuition. You don’t go out and get an idea; it comes to you–receptive. Most psychics (intuitives) describe their gift as information coming to them, not as something they go out and get. This is definitely what happens to me when I read the Tarot; the images come to me.

As an example of how receptivity works, whether for creativity or intuition, feel the difference between trying to remember a dry, boring text and remembering a scene from your favorite novel. The dry boring text feels like you are trying to get the information from outside of you, which expends energy and stops the natural flow of the creative process. It becomes frustrating. Sometimes our faces even contort with the effort of recall! Now, think of your favorite novel, the one you read for pleasure. The words in the novel created whole pictures, fully detailed characters and locations. The recall is effortless. Our faces are peaceful or even include a smile with that recall! That is receptive energy.

While feminine energy is ecstatic, receptive, and intuitive, it is also protective. Feminine energy is protective down to the cells of our bodies. The protection instinct of every mother of every species to defend her young at any cost is epic! If you have any misgivings about the strength of the Divine Feminine, just check out this mother cougar protecting her cubs against a grizzly bear!

You can draw on the Divine Feminine and Goddess energy, again, whether you are male or female. The Divine Feminine allows you to tap into your creativity, receptivity, intuition, and the ability to protect. Take a moment to apply each of these gifts to different areas of your life. Creativity can solve problems. Receptivity can draw money. Intuition can tell you whether your plans for the weekend will be in your best interest. Protection can help you draw personal boundaries.

Enjoy the gift of the Divine Feminine within! These are forces are inside each of us!

Please leave a comment to let everyone know your experience with the Goddess Within!


Witches: Saving Lives!

Witches: Saving Lives!

Norman Rockwell

I can just hear the guy with the deep voice who announces movies saying, “Witches: Saving Lives!” But it’s true! Kitchen Witchery has a long tradition of herbal healing that goes back hundreds of years. It’s dangerous not to get proper medical attention when you need it. I think it’s just as dangerous not to know how to take care of yourself and others.

I planned to go to a public Samhain this weekend. I was looking forward to it for two months. It sounded like a beautiful and spiritual ritual (notice how the word “ritual” is inside the word “spiritual”). I didn’t go. Instead, I got sick. Very sick. Very fast. I basically went to sleep Friday night and was in a miasma of sleep and weird, feverish, wakeful moments until mid-Sunday morning (in fact, I just looked at the calendar again to make sure it was Monday). I literally couldn’t move or open my eyes, but it felt like a lot of that time I was conscious. So – if my writing today is unclear, I apologize.

I had planned to write about the difference between solitary ritual and group ritual, the feelings and energies each had, but that’s been trashed. I’ll shelve that for another blog. There will be a public Yule ritual. When I knew I couldn’t go to the Samhain ritual, I wanted to write about a terrific movie called “The Adjustment Bureau” where there are unseen forces at work changing our lives in big and small ways to guide us to a different future, because I feel like not going to that public ritual was a major “Adjustment Bureau” escapade! However, I can’t write about that because I don’t know how my life has changed as a result of not attending. But you have to see “The Adjustment Bureau.”

I think the important thing to write about today is Kitchen Witchery. It’s important to know how to take care of yourself naturally with herbs, homeopathy and essential oils. Of course it’s important to eat right, exercise, and get enough sleep. Eat organic, fresh vegetables free of chemicals, coloring, and additives. Walk or do yoga, or start an exercise regime that you like with a friend. Sleep. It purifies and reboots the immune system every night. Reduce stress. These things boost your immune system so you are less prone to illness. I need to do personal work to be better in all of these areas!

There is a place for blending Western medicine with traditional. It has saved my partner’s life on more than one occasion. But we, as a society, have given away what should be a priority in every household: basic knowledge to heal ourselves naturally. Learning how to take care of a few basic things that are likely to come up, such as flu, colds, stomach aches, etc., in a natural way will connect you with your body and give you more knowledge when it is time to talk to medical professionals.

Flu: The problem with this weekend was that it happened so quickly I was unable to take care of myself; I’m never sick. I had been feeling “off” for about two weeks and didn’t read the signs. Like most people, I was too busy. A few simple things could have prevented a really horrible weekend. My partner was unable to read the signs of what was going on, and I don’t blame him. I think that’s true in most households. We have become so “modern” that we now have no knowledge of the most basic care. Our society needs to learn about natural remedies, know to check for signs that things aren’t right such as temperature, or to see “what kind of sleep” someone is having. So many times I wanted to say, “Please fix my head and neck. I feel all twisted.” But I couldn’t even say that! So, on to natural flu care.

In my opinion, natural flu care is easier and healthier, and there are no side effects. It is far more empowering to witness how the body recovers naturally than to take a glossy, chemical-ridden over-the-counter pink or green goo that ruins the liver, masks pain, and makes you sleep until you are well.

Of course drink plenty of water.

Homeopathic medicines for flu are particularly miraculous. Go to any health store and pick up Oscillococcinum made by Boiron and keep it on hand. Take it at the first sign of flu. Homeopathic drugs are not weight dependent, so the same dosage works for children and adults. Take it along with Vitamin C. Please read up on the virtues of Vitamin C and how it works (learn the difference between ascorbic “icky” and ascorbateate is the one you eat”). There’s an excellent article about flu and Vitamin C here. Once you find out how important it is, Vitamin C will immediately be less of a snappy catch-phrase that you’re supposed to remember when you’re sick. It’s not about popping one Vitamin C pill in the morning. It’s a structured, intentional course of Vitamin C in water. Some people believe it can cure cancer if taken in proper dosages!

Use essential oils, true oils (most are synthetic in the United States as there are no standards. And even “lavender” is usually “lavandin”). A blend of essential oils rubbed on the soles of the feet is important to knock the virus out: clove, lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus, cinnamon. The soles of the feet have the largest pores, and essential oils work well in the body from there. Sound crazy? Where do you think “medicinal patches” came from? It’s the same idea. The oils mentioned above sound simple, but each has properties that work well for flu (or cold) symptoms. Check out the properties of cinnamon alone, used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine!

My partner wanted to take me to the hospital emergency; part of me thought yes, but part of me thought I just wish he knew what to do. I couldn’t communicate to my partner. I was lucky to get out single syllables. Finally, close to 9pm I realized what was going on and really fought to find the Oscillococcinum – it took everything I had. We’ve moved so many times, it’s hard to remember where I’ve put things away, let alone under a flu-induced mental fog. I looked in the hall bathroom for the Osci. It wasn’t there. I ended up lying down in the hallway until I could move again. My partner went out to get some Osci along with some other natural remedies. While he was gone, I found the Oscillococcinum in the other bathroom. I started a course of therapeutic-level Vitamin C. And then I found the “Thieves” which is an essential oil product I use that combines all of the oils mentioned above.

Once I started on a regular course of these things late Saturday night, I started improving at a fast rate. I could feel myself “returning”. My fever broke at around 11pm.

I really think with the soaring cost of medical care, we can take care of a lot of health problems on our own. Like I said, it’s dangerous not to get proper medical attention when you need it, and the flu can be fierce and fast so don’t delay. But I think it’s just as dangerous not to know how to take care of yourself and others. Each person in your household should learn basic first aid and CPR, and how to make chicken soup (more about that in a minute).

If you have kids who are old enough, teach them the basics when it’s appropriate. Keep index cards like a recipe box for the most common ailments: flu, colds, allergies, cuts and bleeding, sprains, stomach aches, headaches, sinus problems, constipation. And of course teach them to dial 911.

You think I’m kidding about the chicken soup. My partner is a wonderful cook and he made a beautiful pot of homemade, organic chicken soup for me on Sunday — and it’s true. Chicken soup is very healing! I say it is love in a pot that makes you strong, others say it’s cysteine and the fact that it stops the movement of inflammation-causing white blood cells called neutrophils.

Learning the basics of Kitchen Witchery is not hard and it’s so important. Don’t misunderstand — I was sick, but my life wasn’t in danger. But learning the basics above can and has saved lives. And then you can put your hands on your hips and proudly proclaim for your family and friends with the same deep voice of the guy who announces movies, “Witches: Saving Lives!”