Your Daily Tarot Card: A Secret Way to Access Meaning

What is The Magician saying to you?

The Tarot is full of secrets – and they’re hiding in plain sight!

It is wonderful to get to know your Tarot deck, and the daily insights from pulling a card a day can open your mind to new directions.

To pull a card a day, you can either pull with no question, or have questions in mind such as, “What do I need to know today?” or “What is the best way to deal with my current issue?”

But looking at the little book that comes with the cards can really offer only surface meaning; truly looking at the cards for the story they’re giving to you offers in-depth insight.

How do you do this?

It just takes a few simple steps, and  you’re on your way.

One of the best ways to access the meaning that a card has for you is to pull a card and describe the card in detail, exactly as you see it. Say this out loud. For example, the Magician card can be described like this: “There is a Magician who holds a wand. He is wearing a white tunic and red robe. He looks confident and in control, and he is standing with one arm toward the sky holding a wand and one hand toward the earth.  There is a table in front of him with the tools he needs, a cup, a pentacle, a sword, and a wand. There is a an infinity symbol floating above his head.  He has roses and lilies around him.”

Next, replace everything you said with “I am”. Again, say this out loud. For example, “I am a Magician who holds a wand. I am wearing a white tunic and a red robe. I am confident and in control with one arm toward the sky holding a wand and one hand toward the earth. There is a table in front of me with all the tools I need. There is an infinity symbol floating above my head. I have roses and lilies around me.

If you asked for advice on how to get through a test or a meeting or a challenge, you will likely find some of the words meaningful for you. Phrases will stand out such as, “I am confident and in control,” and “I have all the tools I need.”

It’s great to study the symbols and meanings of each card, and just pause to remember: These cards were created in a time when the ability to read wasn’t common, and people studied the pictures to tell the story. Reclaiming that ability will speed your learning of the cards, and the bonus is that they’ll begin speaking to you on a personal level – immediately!

Best of luck, and feel free to comment on your experience below!

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