Ostara, Spring, New Growth

New Growth. Tucked beneath the soil. Spring.

Sometimes when we’re about to embark on something new, there is hesitation. Is it more safe where we are? We don’t know what’s on the other side of change. It’s possible that a sunflower seed feels the same. It’s tucked away in rich, beautiful Earth – blanketed, secure. How does it know that something is happening, that change is happening? How does it know to break free of the hard kernel, and send roots into the Earth? That, at least is a comfort. It knows Earth. The soil is alive. But what lies above?

The Sunflower pokes its first tentative, green scout above the soil, a tiny, vulnerable barely-leaf, and feels the blessed sunlight, not even knowing that the Sun is its namesake and navigator. And with that first warmth, begins to realize  that it yearns to strive toward that light with all its power, all its force, growing and growing.

The Sunflower is Becoming – and all of this is happening at the same time as the Being. At six feet tall, a newness happens, and the effort becomes to create its crowning glory, mimicking the brilliant, bright orb that it strives to reach.

Finally, the Sunflower Opens, and Receives. And Receives. And Receives. Each petal is drenched in glorious sunlight. After the growth, after all these changes, the Sunflower simply opens and receives all that it was striving for.

Is your story the same? Could your Blessed Self be on your own journey through Human Life in this same way? What are you breaking through? What unknown lies ahead? What Light are you striving for? Be ready this Spring to receive… and receive… and receive. Blessed Ostara, Happy Equinox, Jaya Spring!

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