From One Witch To Another: Enjoy Your Fantasies!

Lots of people think their dreams are nothing more than just that: dreams. What if your so-called dreams are really divinely inspired goals? I think they are. An interesting fact:  If you write down your goals, you are far more likely to achieve them. Fantasies can rattle around in your head, incubate, and grow. The simple act of writing your fantasies down makes them become goals. Here comes the fun part: After you write your goals down, create a spell and do ritual to solidify your pact with yourself to make them come true! During ritual, I love to meditate with Tarot cards and use them to make my visualization stronger. Want a new relationship? Use the Lovers card. Do you have a goal of becoming more healthy, working out, losing weight, etc.? Use the World card to visualize bursting through self-imposed barriers. In short – have a fantasy? Make it become a reality by writing it down, and then use ritual and visualization to seal the deal.

Blessed be!


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2 Responses to From One Witch To Another: Enjoy Your Fantasies!

  1. Forest Dianna says:

    Happy to have found yoru web page. Great Blog! Congratulations on publishing
    your book, I am looking forward to reading The Gimoire Chronicles with my teen
    age girls. Wishing you great success! Blessed Be

  2. Organic Grower says:

    People are often surpirsed to hear aobut how much we create the destiny of our
    crops by drawing pictures, writing descriptions, and talking to our plants and

    The saying, if you build it they will come, should be, if you can see it, it
    will be built!

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