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Samhain Poem: All Hallows Eve

Samhain Poem: All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve

 By Sally Dubats

Welcome ye now

to All Hallows Eve

Open the door

To webs we weave.


Midpoint between

Mabon and Yule

See the unseen

When nature is dual


Love and Light,

To Friends who’ve passed,

Taking our flight

Together at last.

The Veil is thin

Between our Worlds

You’ll hear the din

As belief unfurls

Apples and Candy

Bobbing and fun

Celebrate, Yes!

But when feasting is done…


Settle ye spirits

On this Sacred night,

Time to hear

Our stories of plight

We remember now

Those we’ve lost

And our heads do bow

At the great cost


Fathers and Mothers,

Sisters and Brothers,

Friends and Lovers,

Cousins and Others.


So candles burn

To honor those passed

And show the way

To Summerland’s rest.


The Veil will lower,

This we know

But cherish the hour

And don’t be low.

In a year and a day

Bless’ed candles we’ll burn

An’ next All Hallows Eve

Departed Spirits Return


With Love, Light, and Brightest Blessings

Happy Samhain,



Magickal Apple Harmony Spell

Magickal Apple Harmony Spell
Magickal Apple Harmony Spell
    The purpose of this spell is to bring harmony, and what better time than Imbolc! As we bring in the Light, let’s bring in harmony! This works for harmony with the Self (check in: are you disappointed or even mad at yourself for some reason? Is this blocking you from your goals?), a relationship with Another (school friend, co-worker, lover, spouse, friend, sibling), or a Group (families, co-workers, a class you’re attending or teaching, spiritual gatherings, covens, etc.).
     You may do this by yourself, or with your partner or in a group or coven. It is especially effective to share if you’re working on harmony in relationships with others, but not necessary.
    You will need an apple (or other fruit if you prefer) and a glass of water (you may share the glass, or have a glass available for each person if you prefer).
    Next, cut up the hurts! Cut the fruit into several slices. As you cut, visualize the incidents that have taken you apart over time. If you are disharmonious with your Self, visualize why as you cut the apple. Have you not completed an important project? Have you been unkind to yourself? If the lack of harmony is with Another, visualize the challenges that your relationship has had and the changes that have occurred as you cut. Really feel the hurt, anger, frustration. If the lack of harmony is in a Group, see where the lack of harmony began, and cut the apple.
    If you’re with the person or group you wish to create harmony with, while you are cutting, talk openly and gently about the challenges. You can even talk about the challenges if you’re by yourself. Allow the emotions to flow. Maybe even the tears. Know that the cutting of the apple is symbolic of the separation of harmony from your life, the cutting apart of you as a whole person or the cutting apart of you with a partner or group. If you’re doing this with others, make a pact before the spell work begins that no matter what is said, it is safe to feel because everyone involved knows that the goal is to heal and bring you back to your natural state: Harmony.
    When all is said and felt, close your eyes and visualize the apple as it began, a blossom on a tree. Compare that to the very beginnings of your relationship with Self, Another, or Group. Pink, light, blowing in the breeze. Visualize the apple growing and compare that to the friendship and trust. Visualize the entire summer season, drinking in the sun, and moving into fall. Compare that to the growing and maturing Harmony of the relationships. Fill yourself with the love that was the original foundation and blossom of your relationship. Recall and Feel the very, very best of your relationship to your Self or Group. This should feel truly amazing.
    Now, hold your hands over the cut apple, close your eyes, and see the apple as beautiful, whole, delicious, nutritious, fulfilling its destiny, growing in the sun, and compare that to how you want the relationship to be again. Keep the vision in your mind’s eye until you can feel how beautiful the apple is, and how beautiful your relationship is. Remember the very best of your relationship. Recall the best of the spiritual Self, Another, or Group.
   Open your eyes, and see the love and harmony of your relationship in the apple. You may say words of your own or similar to, “As I eat this apple and it becomes whole within me, I here and now make a pact with the Goddess and the God to make my relationship whole.” Eat the apple in silence, and know that you are creating the basis of making your relationship with Self, Another, or Group, whole, beautiful, and harmonious. Savor the beauty of your relationship as you eat the apple. If you are spell crafting with those you’re doing magick to be harmonious, the apple is shared among you.
    Hold the water, bless it with words you choose, or something like, “Mother, Father, Goddess, God, just as water has given vibrant life to everything that exists on the earth, let this water bring vibrant life and harmony to (myself, or name the partner or group).” Drink the water or share it (you may each have your own glass if you prefer), and know that the harmony you’ve ingested will grow with the sacred water of life.
    Blessed be!

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My Books Are Free This Weekend!

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“Winter Shock” Starter Day Party!

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Brightest blessings!



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“Winter Shock” kindle version FREE on amazon this week!

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Goddess Guidance at Samhain

Goddess Guidance at Samhain

With Samhain, the New Year dawns. We know that the Veil Between Worlds thins, and we have the opportunity to commune with and/or honor loved ones who have crossed to the other side. That same thin Veil allows us to commune with Goddess energy.

Samhain is an excellent time to listen to the Divine Feminine, the Wise Crone, the Goddess. Listen to your heart, and listen to your dreams and goals.

Working with crystals and stones is an excellent way to tune in to the receptive energies of the Goddess. Take time to meditate with a crystal or a stone with the qualities you wish to draw to you while you meditate.

You can also do a crystal or stone layout on your body while you meditate.

This can be as simple as placing a crystal on your heart while relaxing, or seven selected stones to place on the seven major chakras, or as complex as a crystal layout on each chakra and doing a chakra clearing meditation or a meditation that guides you to the Goddess. While meditating, ask to be shown what your next steps should be, but ask without frustration, anxiety or worry. Ask with an openness of heart, and receptivity. You might be surprised at the answer!

Brightest blessings for a beautiful Samhain.



Witchcraft and the Law of Attraction

Witchcraft and the Law of Attraction

We hear so much about being able to “draw anything to us if we want it badly enough!” The Law of Attraction says, that “like attracts like”. Please understand: “wanting something badly” simply draws more “wanting something badly”. Feel in the presence of *having* what you want, which never includes the “wanting” of it.

When you translate the knowledge of the Law of Attraction to Witchcraft, think of how you infuse the tools you’re using with the energy you want to manifest the desired outcome. Prosperity candle magick? You anoint the candle with oils carrying the vibration of prosperity – Law of Attraction! – and visualize and *feel* the abundance you desire – more Law of Attraction!. Sympathetic magick? Creating rain for crops by gathering some earth on a plate and sprinkling the earth water that has been blessed while *feeling* that the earth already has plenty – Law of Attraction!. Love spell? Fill a poppet with herbs carrying the quality of the kind of mate you want to attract (remember, you’re attracting love, not a specific person!), and mingle the herbs that most represent you – and bring those energies together in a poppet. Law of Attraction! Of course – since you’re very smart you would probably use sage for yourself, and you want to draw someone very smart so you would use sage for that person – mingling those energies together. Law of Attraction!

I’m sending blessings and good tidings for using the Law of Attraction in your spell-work! I look forward to hearing what you think, and how your rituals might have changed!

Brightest blessings!



Shocking Witch Proverbs!

Shocking Witch Proverbs!

Okay. You’re not going to believe me, but proverbs have been changed over the years. Here are the original proverbs in all their glory:

  • The Goddess meant for us to fly, and gave us a broom.
  • A Spell A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!
  • Goddess helps those who help themselves.
  • Magick makes the heart grow fonder!
  • Cleanliness is next to Goddessness.
  • Behind every great man, there’s a great Witch.
  • An ounce of witchcraft is worth a pound of cure.
  • All Witchcraft is Well that Ends Well!
  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull Witch.
  • A watched cauldron never boils.


Now… leave a comment with your own proverbs! Brightest blessings!


From One Witch To Another: Enjoy Your Fantasies!

From One Witch To Another: Enjoy Your Fantasies!

Lots of people think their dreams are nothing more than just that: dreams. What if your so-called dreams are really divinely inspired goals? I think they are. An interesting fact:  If you write down your goals, you are far more likely to achieve them. Fantasies can rattle around in your head, incubate, and grow. The simple act of writing your fantasies down makes them become goals. Here comes the fun part: After you write your goals down, create a spell and do ritual to solidify your pact with yourself to make them come true! During ritual, I love to meditate with Tarot cards and use them to make my visualization stronger. Want a new relationship? Use the Lovers card. Do you have a goal of becoming more healthy, working out, losing weight, etc.? Use the World card to visualize bursting through self-imposed barriers. In short – have a fantasy? Make it become a reality by writing it down, and then use ritual and visualization to seal the deal.

Blessed be!



From One Witch to Another: Blessed Samhain!

From One Witch to Another: Blessed Samhain!

Samhain is just around the corner on October 31st. There are some very poetic reasons to love Samhain, but it is also a wonderful time to take stock of where you are with your personal goals for the year.  I like to use the traditional New Year of January 1st to write goals and assess the previous year, and the Celtic New Year of Samhain to look back at the goals I wrote at the beginning of the year, and finish any I haven’t achieved.  This year, Samhain falls on a waning Virgo moon, an excellent time to banish disorganization, and so I think I will do a spell on myself to get motivated to finish those goals!

The poetic side of Samhain allows me to reflect on the past year.  It has been a personally difficult year, a harsh summer that challenged farmers and vintners, and problems with the economy, health care, and global challenges dominated the news.  As Samhain is the midpoint between autumn and winter, it is a good time to reflect on losses and challenges and look within and meditate to see how these events, whether personal or global, can help us to be better people or what good these events have brought into our lives.  If you choose to do ritual on Samhain, you might want to write down anything negative in your life that you want to give away or get rid of.  Bless the paper and words and thoughts behind them, and burn the paper (using utmost care and safety) to symbolize the challenges leaving your world and being cleansed in the next.  It’s also a good time to light a candle for those who have crossed over.  With the release, comes celebration of new opportunity and the realization that everything is a Do Over!

Happy New Year and Blessed Be,