New Moon Spell For Change: Maiden, Mother, Crone

The Virgo New Moon is September 15th at 10:11 pm, eastern. It’s an interesting New Moon to me because the following Saturday is Mabon (September 22nd), and the Saturday after that is an Aries Full Moon (September 29th). Whether you’re male or female, this is an opportunity for a powerful three-part spell that also honors the Maiden (New Moon), Mother (Mabon), and Crone (Full Moon). You will need a large candle, perhaps one that is in a glass container. You will also need some thick string.

This New Moon is a spectacular opportunity for spellwork for change. You can do this as a quiet meditation or within the framework of a ritual you choose. First, write a letter to the Goddess. Her power grows as we head toward Mabon and the Full Harvest Moon. In the letter, thank the Goddess for three gifts. The three gifts would be for things that you want to draw into your life. You will be reading this letter every night, so make it positive and something that inspires you! Then take your string and tie three knots into it.

My letter asking for three gifts would be something like, “Dearest Goddess, thank you for your eternal blessings, and especially for your gifts of prosperity, my body which is a sacred and divine temple, and harmonious loving relationships.” These are things that I’m already thankful for, and invite more of into my life. You probably understand my thanks for prosperity. When I write a thank you for “my body which is a sacred and divine temple”, this is my way of saying that I want to honor my body by being better, doing yoga more frequently, eating more healthfully. I’m asking for the gift of “harmonious loving relationships” to remember to be more kind to those I love, and to be gifted with kindness in return. My words have deep meaning for me, and you should write words that have meaning for you.

Light a candle, hold the string with the knots, and read your letter to the Goddess. AS it is the New Moon, visualize the Goddess as the Maiden. Read it as many times as you like until you truly feel gratitude for having the things you’re asking for. Feel the gratitude. Energize the string with the gratitude for the gifts. When you have created a *deep* sense of gratitude, untie one of the knots, and sit quietly. You will feel the magick you have released into the Universe. You can leave the candle burning while you work or read, but never leave it unattended.

Light the candle every night, and read your letter to the Goddess until you feel the gratitude. It’s certainly okay if you skip a night, but more powerful if you can remember to do this nightly. It won’t take as long as the first night if you added a New Moon ritual. On Mabon, you can add this to your ritual, or continue to work with this energy without doing ritual. This is when you untie the second knot, visualizing the Goddess in her Mother form, releasing the energy into the Universe. Continue lighting the candle nightly until the Full Moon, and untie the third knot, visualizing the Goddess in her Crone form.

Brightest blessings for a beautiful September. Wishing you wonderful, positive change!


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  1. Basilily says:

    Thank you Sally!!

  2. Erika says:

    That’s really beautiful Sally. Thank you!

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