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Samhain Poem: All Hallows Eve

Samhain Poem: All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve

 By Sally Dubats

Welcome ye now

to All Hallows Eve

Open the door

To webs we weave.


Midpoint between

Mabon and Yule

See the unseen

When nature is dual


Love and Light,

To Friends who’ve passed,

Taking our flight

Together at last.

The Veil is thin

Between our Worlds

You’ll hear the din

As belief unfurls

Apples and Candy

Bobbing and fun

Celebrate, Yes!

But when feasting is done…


Settle ye spirits

On this Sacred night,

Time to hear

Our stories of plight

We remember now

Those we’ve lost

And our heads do bow

At the great cost


Fathers and Mothers,

Sisters and Brothers,

Friends and Lovers,

Cousins and Others.


So candles burn

To honor those passed

And show the way

To Summerland’s rest.


The Veil will lower,

This we know

But cherish the hour

And don’t be low.

In a year and a day

Bless’ed candles we’ll burn

An’ next All Hallows Eve

Departed Spirits Return


With Love, Light, and Brightest Blessings

Happy Samhain,



Eight Reasons Fantasy Heroines Rock

Eight Reasons Fantasy Heroines Rock
Eight Reasons Fantasy Heroines Rock
(And Normal Heroines Don’t)
1.  Fantasy Heroines get to do extraordinary things, like have out-of-body experiences. If they’re involved with a supernatural boyfriend, they get to watch their supernatural boyfriend do extraordinary things, like fly. Normal Heroines talk a lot to their boyfriends. Sometimes they yell.
2.  Fantasy Heroines travel to really exotic places like the astral plane or even the distant past. Normal Heroines stay in school, or a coffee shop, or their living rooms. Or maybe a horse stable.
3.  Fantasy Heroines are smart. They have to be to fit in with regular humans and not get found out. If they’re in a relationship with a supernatural boyfriend, they have to be smart and be able to keep a secret, like the fact that their boyfriend is a Siren and their kind have been influencing humans since the beginning of time. Normal Heroines worry about their popularity.
4.  Fantasy Heroines have to figure out how to stay out of the way of angry supernatural types. It’s one thing to have a jealous ex-girlfriend on your tail; it’s another if the jealous ex-girlfriend can possess people to get to you. Normal Heroines only have to deal with the air being let out of their tires.
5.  Fantasy Heroines have to be physically strong and have the endurance to keep up with their supernatural boyfriends. They train, do yoga, and learn martial arts. Normal Heroines probably do something to maintain their always flawless bodies, but we never know what.
6.  Fantasy Heroines aren’t afraid to look bad and aren’t out to impress. They trek through frozen tundra and survive avalanches without makeup or washing their hair, and their supernatural boyfriends still think they’re fabulous. Normal Heroines obsess over their lip gloss and breath.
7.  Fantasy Heroines have compassion and empathy beyond measure. They understand their supernatural boyfriend’s conflict over using humans as energy sources. Normal Heroines get upset when their boyfriends have to work late.
8.  Fantasy Heroines deal with daily trauma that would send any normal person to the loony bin. You know… the attempts on their life… seeing innocent people killed. And they keep it all a secret. Normal Heroines deal with getting less than an “A” on a term paper.

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Collecting Your Self – A Charm

Collecting Your Self – A Charm

For Your Grimoire

Collecting Your Self – A Charm

The purpose of this charm, a form of spellwork, is to collect aspects of your Self that have been given away or put aside. An aspect of our Self might be our dreams, ambitions, or that vague feeling that we’re not the same person we used to be and we want to call that part of us back! This spell is about integrating the Self that has been set aside or lost.

You will need: Two pieces of velvet, felt, or other fabric cut into the shape of a star (6 to 8 inch, enough to make a star-shaped “pillow”), thread and needle to sew, a bowl or cauldron, and the following: barley to represent Earth, dried sage to represent Air, dried basil to represent Fire, dried chamomile to represent Water, Your Breath to represent Spirit. You should have enough grain and herbs to fill the pillow.

You may do this with a group, coven, or by yourself. You may also do this in a circle as part of ritual, or simply as a tool while visualizing.

Sew most of the star together ahead of time – it doesn’t matter if you can’t sew; this is about intention. If you want, you can look up the meanings of colors and use a color of felt that is significant for you (e.g., purple to call back a more spiritual aspect of Self, yellow for personal will, and so on).

Take up the barley and hold it in your hand. Call the Earth aspects of your Self: call the part that is prosperous, the part that has a solid foundation, the part that is grounded, the part that is nurturing, and the part that plants ideas as seeds and plans the future. Think of specific times when you strongly felt each of these things, or other Earth aspects. Visualize all of that energy within the barley, and place the barley in the cauldron. Think of the cauldron as the Divine Feminine; each time you place a grain or herb in the “womb” or cauldron, you are re-birthing that aspect of your Self.

Take up the remaining herbs one at a time, visualize the corresponding aspect you’re drawing back to you, and place it in the cauldron.

Sage, Air: Call back your quick wit, logic, wisdom, planning abilities.

Basil, Fire: Call back your passion for life, or elsewhere! Call back your fast action, your ability to cleanse the past to make way for a brilliant future!

Chamomile, Water: Call back your intuition, and most importantly, your correct path. Water always flows in the most direct route to the ocean, and you can flow in your most direct route to the truest you.

Next, mix these items together in the cauldron. As you do, blow gently on the mixture to add Spirit, all the while visualizing the YOU you are calling back.

Fill the star pillow with the mixture, and quietly sew the pillow closed, visualizing the new, fully integrated, you. Tie some yarn in a loop to the top of the star to hang it from your front door knob or bedroom door knob as a reminder of your Best You when you leave the house.

Oh, and the reason for the star shape? It is from the pentacle — four of the points represent the elements, the fifth point represents Spirit. And… just to remind you that you ARE A STAR!

Blessed be!


When You Don’t Know What To Do…

When You Don’t Know What To Do…

Sometimes Life has too many paths to choose from, and sometimes Life can feel like it offers no paths.

The first situation, too many paths to choose from, might look something like a career change or choice. If you’ve been in a job for a long time and it is no longer fulfilling or challenging, you know you need to make a change. If you’re in college selecting a major, you need to make a choice. In both of these instances, the paths seem to take your life in as many directions as octopi have arms. The choices immobilize you because what if you’re wrong.

The second situation, which feels like there are no paths to change your life, you feel stuck. This might look like a long-time friendship that no longer serves you, but you continue spending time with that no-longer-friend out of a sense of loyalty. It feels like you have no choice. Feeling stuck, like there are no paths out, might also look like staying in a living situation that just doesn’t feel good because maybe you don’t believe you can change your life. What if you fail?

Neither of these situations feels good. And that’s just the point. They don’t feel good, and trying to think yourself out of either of these boxes when you don’t feel good doesn’t work. If it did, you would already be on the path to the next stage of your life. Thinking yourself out of the box is like a little gray mouse on a wheel that spins to nowhere. You keep thinking the same thoughts. Sometimes those thoughts are great, but you don’t act on them. Usually the reason you can’t change starts with the word because, or the phrase What if… ?

To change your path, you have to change your day-to-day feelings about your life, no matter your circumstances. There is a lot of talk about visualizing the things that you want, and there is a lot of very useful talk about feeling your way through to a new way of being. But sometimes we don’t know what the heck to visualize, we only know we want change! We don’t know what a new job would feel like, so we can’t go there. We don’t know what a new life would look like, so we can’t go there.

When you’re stuck, let go of any outcomes. Release trying to figure out the next step. Let go of trying to think your way onto another path or solution. Let go of trying to figure out what a new path would look like. Instead, do whatever it takes to feel better now. When you’re feeling good, feeling clear, feeling happy, the new ideas come to you because you’ve created new pathways that are accompanied by new thoughts.

Think back to the new thoughts you had as a child. Did you ever build a fort when you were a kid? I built snow forts in the winter. In the summer I dug holes in the ground and put boards over them to make secret forts that looked like Kivas. Usually when I built a fort, it was with a feeling of excitement and a sense of adventure. It was the coolest thing on the planet, and I was totally absorbed in the task. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, there was zero stress, worry, “becauses” or “What ifs” involved. I never thought a fort would crash, and it didn’t. (Maybe I should have been an architect. Hmmm.)

We need to get back to that, back to feeling good so that we can make choices that bring out our sense of excitement and adventure. When you feel good, you meet new people because you’re literally vibrating at a different level. Those new people might lead to a new job, new friendships, or new relationships. When you feel good, you become more receptive. When you’re not stressed, change doesn’t loom ahead like a giant Worry Monster that haunts every waking moment.

Let go. Choose one new thing that makes you feel good, and do that so that you begin to feel good. The perfect next step will come when you’re least expecting it! When you feel good, there are no wrong answers or failures. When you feel good, you’ll know what to do!

(Please note: This is not for extreme life situations. Get help immediately if you are in a dangerous or manipulative situation. Take action now, no matter how you’re feeling about it or how it will affect those around you.)


New Moon Spell For Change: Maiden, Mother, Crone

New Moon Spell For Change: Maiden, Mother, Crone

The Virgo New Moon is September 15th at 10:11 pm, eastern. It’s an interesting New Moon to me because the following Saturday is Mabon (September 22nd), and the Saturday after that is an Aries Full Moon (September 29th). Whether you’re male or female, this is an opportunity for a powerful three-part spell that also honors the Maiden (New Moon), Mother (Mabon), and Crone (Full Moon). You will need a large candle, perhaps one that is in a glass container. You will also need some thick string.

This New Moon is a spectacular opportunity for spellwork for change. You can do this as a quiet meditation or within the framework of a ritual you choose. First, write a letter to the Goddess. Her power grows as we head toward Mabon and the Full Harvest Moon. In the letter, thank the Goddess for three gifts. The three gifts would be for things that you want to draw into your life. You will be reading this letter every night, so make it positive and something that inspires you! Then take your string and tie three knots into it.

My letter asking for three gifts would be something like, “Dearest Goddess, thank you for your eternal blessings, and especially for your gifts of prosperity, my body which is a sacred and divine temple, and harmonious loving relationships.” These are things that I’m already thankful for, and invite more of into my life. You probably understand my thanks for prosperity. When I write a thank you for “my body which is a sacred and divine temple”, this is my way of saying that I want to honor my body by being better, doing yoga more frequently, eating more healthfully. I’m asking for the gift of “harmonious loving relationships” to remember to be more kind to those I love, and to be gifted with kindness in return. My words have deep meaning for me, and you should write words that have meaning for you.

Light a candle, hold the string with the knots, and read your letter to the Goddess. AS it is the New Moon, visualize the Goddess as the Maiden. Read it as many times as you like until you truly feel gratitude for having the things you’re asking for. Feel the gratitude. Energize the string with the gratitude for the gifts. When you have created a *deep* sense of gratitude, untie one of the knots, and sit quietly. You will feel the magick you have released into the Universe. You can leave the candle burning while you work or read, but never leave it unattended.

Light the candle every night, and read your letter to the Goddess until you feel the gratitude. It’s certainly okay if you skip a night, but more powerful if you can remember to do this nightly. It won’t take as long as the first night if you added a New Moon ritual. On Mabon, you can add this to your ritual, or continue to work with this energy without doing ritual. This is when you untie the second knot, visualizing the Goddess in her Mother form, releasing the energy into the Universe. Continue lighting the candle nightly until the Full Moon, and untie the third knot, visualizing the Goddess in her Crone form.

Brightest blessings for a beautiful September. Wishing you wonderful, positive change!



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