The Goddess is Ecstasy!

The act of creation is an act of ecstasy, and creative energy is Goddess energy. To align yourself with Goddess energy, which is creative energy, is to be in a state of ecstasy. According to, ecstasy is defined as, 1) rapturous delight, 2) an overpowering emotion or exaltation; a state of sudden, intense feeling, 3) the frenzy of poetic inspiration, and 4) mental transport or rapture from the contemplation of divine things.

Ask yourself if you have felt ecstasy when you create. Whether art, writing, parenting, building, acting, or dance, think how you literally lose yourself and lose track of time when your creation comes from joy. Think of some truly triumphant moments in your life. Creating and being creative is quite euphoric. Using our Goddess-given creativity honors the Divine Feminine, and using our creative gifts contributes to the entire planet, Mother Earth.

Honoring the Divine Feminine wouldn’t be complete without considering intuition, receptive energy, and protection.

Whether we’re male or female, we have the ability to use intuition and be receptive. Intuition is a receptive activity. Think of the phrase, “It suddenly came to me…” Feel how our language perfectly describes the receptive aspect of intuition. You don’t go out and get an idea; it comes to you–receptive. Most psychics (intuitives) describe their gift as information coming to them, not as something they go out and get. This is definitely what happens to me when I read the Tarot; the images come to me.

As an example of how receptivity works, whether for creativity or intuition, feel the difference between trying to remember a dry, boring text and remembering a scene from your favorite novel. The dry boring text feels like you are trying to get the information from outside of you, which expends energy and stops the natural flow of the creative process. It becomes frustrating. Sometimes our faces even contort with the effort of recall! Now, think of your favorite novel, the one you read for pleasure. The words in the novel created whole pictures, fully detailed characters and locations. The recall is effortless. Our faces are peaceful or even include a smile with that recall! That is receptive energy.

While feminine energy is ecstatic, receptive, and intuitive, it is also protective. Feminine energy is protective down to the cells of our bodies. The protection instinct of every mother of every species to defend her young at any cost is epic! If you have any misgivings about the strength of the Divine Feminine, just check out this mother cougar protecting her cubs against a grizzly bear!

You can draw on the Divine Feminine and Goddess energy, again, whether you are male or female. The Divine Feminine allows you to tap into your creativity, receptivity, intuition, and the ability to protect. Take a moment to apply each of these gifts to different areas of your life. Creativity can solve problems. Receptivity can draw money. Intuition can tell you whether your plans for the weekend will be in your best interest. Protection can help you draw personal boundaries.

Enjoy the gift of the Divine Feminine within! These are forces are inside each of us!

Please leave a comment to let everyone know your experience with the Goddess Within!

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  1. Jesslyn says:

    I have felt ecstacy when I meditate and contemplate with Nature, I wrote poetry in my journal when I do. Yes I loose track of time and everything else aside from feeling the Love Joy and Peace and the Beauty of the sky when the sun is setting and the moon rising and the stars slowly coming out for the night.It’s true that knowledge comes to you when you have this experience. 🙂

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