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Ostara, Spring, New Growth

Ostara, Spring, New Growth
Ostara, Spring, New Growth

New Growth. Tucked beneath the soil. Spring.

Sometimes when we’re about to embark on something new, there is hesitation. Is it more safe where we are? We don’t know what’s on the other side of change. It’s possible that a sunflower seed feels the same. It’s tucked away in rich, beautiful Earth – blanketed, secure. How does it know that something is happening, that change is happening? How does it know to break free of the hard kernel, and send roots into the Earth? That, at least is a comfort. It knows Earth. The soil is alive. But what lies above?

The Sunflower pokes its first tentative, green scout above the soil, a tiny, vulnerable barely-leaf, and feels the blessed sunlight, not even knowing that the Sun is its namesake and navigator. And with that first warmth, begins to realize  that it yearns to strive toward that light with all its power, all its force, growing and growing. Read the rest of this entry


My Books Are Free This Weekend!

My Books Are Free This Weekend!

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Discover How To Enchant a Stone for Love or Money

Discover How To Enchant a Stone for Love or Money

The purpose of this enchantment is to carry with you a quality you want to draw to yourself. Qualities include love, abundance, luck, a job, a higher spiritual vibration, or losing weight. It could be whatever you want in your life!

You will need: A stone that holds the qualities you want to draw (more about that in a second). An herb to match that vibration. A Full Moon.

If you don’t already have a stone with the qualities you want to draw, visit a metaphysical shop (one of my favorite things to do!). You should be able to find the perfect stone for less than five dollars. For example, Rose Quartz would be good for drawing love; sodalite would be good for communicating better. You can google “meanings of stones” to help you.

Research the herb that carries the same vibration.

I will use “drawing love” as my example for enchanting a stone. I will use basil as my herb, and Rose Quartz as my stone. As a little-known side note, Rose Quartz is pink and works to balance the heart chakra. I find this interesting: the 7th chakra is sometimes viewed as white, and the base chakra can be viewed as red. Red and White combined make pink, the color of Rose Quartz. Our heart chakra is the center of the chakras, and the conduit or fulcrum of spirit and body. There are three “higher chakras” above, and three “earthly chakras” below. But I digress…

On a full moon, place the herbs on a small plate. I am using basil in my example, so I would put four or five large basil leaves on my plate. If it’s a different kind of herb like tarragon (protection) that has tiny leaves on a stem or mustard seeds (prosperity), use enough to make a small bed or mound on which to place your stone. You can also use dried herbs right from your cupboard; simply make a small mound with the dried herbs.

Hold your hand over the herbs, and visualize white light from the heavens moving through the top of your head, through your heart, and down through your arm and hand and saturate the herbs with loving Oneness. Feel gratitude for the herbs working with you and for you. Say a blessing that feels right to you. As an example, “I bless this sacred basil and am filled with gratitude as it lays the groundwork for drawing my intended love close to my heart.”

Hold your stone. Visualize your perfect scenario, more confidence or love or prosperity. What does that look like and feel like to you? Make it real. Very real. What does it feel like? Feeeeeel it. Visualize that energy going into your stone as you hold it. Again, draw divine white light from the heavens through the top of your head, to your heart, through your arms and hands and into the stone.

Place the stone onto the pillow of herbs. Continuing to hold your hands above the stone, say the following or similar words that hold meaning for you, “I bless this sacred Rose Quartz. Your sacred vibration draws my intended love (prosperity, perfect job, etc.) close to my heart.” The words are less important than the intention and what you are feeling. An important note is to be clear about being in the space of already having what you want, and not being in the space of needing what you want! For instance, really be in love while doing this enchantment, and not in the place of wishing you had love.

Leave your stone in the moonlight for a twenty-four hour period. Charged with your intention, it will gain energy and be cleansed in the moonlight while you sleep. If the full moon is during the day (check an ephemeris), leave the stone out during the day as well. If you simply cannot leave your spell work outside, place the plate in a window.

After twenty-four hours, pick up your stone and feel the yummy vibrations it carries. Bless the herbs and either burn them on charcoal and thank them for their work, or scatter them to the winds asking the winds to carry your desires to the Universe, or bury the herbs letting the earth element plant the seeds. It’s nice to match your astrological element with this part. For example, burn if you’re a fire sign, bury if you’re an earth sign, scatter upon water if you’re a water sign. Keep the stone with you during the day, in your pocket, wallet, purse, or desk drawer. Refer to your feelings during your enchantment often, and just watch what wonders you draw!

Blessed be!



Initiation, Rebirth, and Light.

Initiation, Rebirth, and Light.

This is a very important, personal, and special Imbolc for me. I’m taking the time to look at my Life as it is now, and compare it to the Wheel of the Year. Jung might have called it the Hero’s Journey.

Much of the Craft as we know it today is based on recent reconstruction. In some cases, the spells and rituals had more to do with the personality of the creator than being historically correct. Even more to the point, depending on the influence of that personality, their spells and rituals became The Law. If you didn’t do ritual or magick a particular way, you weren’t doing them right! Er… Welcome, Pagan Dogma? I know all about this because at one point I was a do-it-the-right-way Pagan snob. Now? Not so much. Blasphemy for some, liberation for me.

So, at Samhain last year, life began to turn to a tide that proved unbearable uncomfortable. I did a personal ritual to usher in the perfect life events to take me in the direction I was supposed to go. It was, after all, Samhain: the New Year. By Solstice, I was on the road. I left my partner of five years, and was coming home to Oregon. It was my goal to be in Oregon by the Solstice, and I made it. I had just finished “Winter Shock” which was a joy, but that joy was suffocated by the huge task of recreating my very Life, so I hadn’t had the opportunity to celebrate my accomplishment.

I got an amazing discount at a seaside lodge. It was perfect! I had a lovely personal Yule celebration in a huge, private hot tub on the Oregon Coast with some very nice aged scotch and fudge. This was seriously the only thing that I had available for cakes and ale; I’m not complaining! I see the humor. I did the whole Solstice ritual in the round hot tub, practically big enough to swim in, listening to the waves wildly crashing outside my window feeling totally free for the first time in a very long time. I celebrated the birth of “Winter Shock.” The ritual was a time of immense gratitude to the Goddess and the God, a time for inward reflection and setting intention, and it also represented an in-between time, the longest night of the year when we’re contemplative, then turn toward light. The hot tub became a large womb, like a cauldron. I gave myself the gift of another chance to be the “Sally” I came here to be, nurtured by the Goddess. The energy was phenomenal. It was an amazing experience. I’ll never forget it.

Now, at Imbolc, I certainly have a lot to celebrate, and after hitting rock bottom on so many levels back in December, which feels like a lifetime ago (indeed, it was another life), I certainly have nothing but potential!

And so we come to Imbolc. I go with my feelings, and I go with the personality of the creator, which in this case, is me. In your case, it’s you. I energetically feel the cross quarter Sabbats much more than I do the Solstices and Equinoxes – not always, but it’s a general trend. This year, Jupiter is going direct just before Imbolc. I’m a Sagittarian, and Jupiter is my ruling planet – the planet of expansion, so this makes me happy! I celebrate Imbolc with light, using lots of candles, and combining that with Jupiter going direct, I’m celebrating with my Inner Light Expanding. I know this is all very personal, but I believe that’s how we all learn and grow. We trust. We splay ourselves wide open in the face of Life, and become teachers, healers, friends and support for each other. We’re all in this together. I hope you think about how your Wheel of the Year is going — the seeds, the growth, and how our personal shadows always, always, always lead us to the Light.

Imbolc, for me, is all about potential, initiation, honoring the coming light. We’ve made it through the coldest, darkest part of the year (I’ve made it through the coldest, darkest part of my life so far), and now we’re closer to the Light. The days are growing longer. We move from inward reflection to action. I turned fifty last November and didn’t celebrate and honor my huge, enormous, giant, stupendous, cosmic event (there’s an adjective for every decade). I kindled the desire for change on Samhain, was in the womb on Solstice, so now, on Imbolc, it’s time to be born. I’m having an Imbolc ritual filled with Light, and it’s going to be my Birthday party — surrounded by great friends I love and adore! It is an Initiation, and those present at the ritual will be stepping forward in to their Initiation and new birth as well. This will be joyful!

I think we invent Life as we go along.

So, where are you this Imbolc? Is it a rite of passage, a time of expansion, a time to grow the Light within, a time of initiation, or maybe even a Birth Day for you too? Invent your Life!


“Winter Shock” kindle version FREE on amazon this week!

“Winter Shock” kindle version FREE on amazon this week!

Happy New Year! Wishing you a magickal 2013 filled with joy and adventure!

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Winter Solstice draws near, and Cassie performs magical spells to gain clarity. Instead she is shocked by visions and mind jumps into the lives of strangers on the brink of disaster.

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When You Don’t Know What To Do…

When You Don’t Know What To Do…

Sometimes Life has too many paths to choose from, and sometimes Life can feel like it offers no paths.

The first situation, too many paths to choose from, might look something like a career change or choice. If you’ve been in a job for a long time and it is no longer fulfilling or challenging, you know you need to make a change. If you’re in college selecting a major, you need to make a choice. In both of these instances, the paths seem to take your life in as many directions as octopi have arms. The choices immobilize you because what if you’re wrong.

The second situation, which feels like there are no paths to change your life, you feel stuck. This might look like a long-time friendship that no longer serves you, but you continue spending time with that no-longer-friend out of a sense of loyalty. It feels like you have no choice. Feeling stuck, like there are no paths out, might also look like staying in a living situation that just doesn’t feel good because maybe you don’t believe you can change your life. What if you fail?

Neither of these situations feels good. And that’s just the point. They don’t feel good, and trying to think yourself out of either of these boxes when you don’t feel good doesn’t work. If it did, you would already be on the path to the next stage of your life. Thinking yourself out of the box is like a little gray mouse on a wheel that spins to nowhere. You keep thinking the same thoughts. Sometimes those thoughts are great, but you don’t act on them. Usually the reason you can’t change starts with the word because, or the phrase What if… ?

To change your path, you have to change your day-to-day feelings about your life, no matter your circumstances. There is a lot of talk about visualizing the things that you want, and there is a lot of very useful talk about feeling your way through to a new way of being. But sometimes we don’t know what the heck to visualize, we only know we want change! We don’t know what a new job would feel like, so we can’t go there. We don’t know what a new life would look like, so we can’t go there.

When you’re stuck, let go of any outcomes. Release trying to figure out the next step. Let go of trying to think your way onto another path or solution. Let go of trying to figure out what a new path would look like. Instead, do whatever it takes to feel better now. When you’re feeling good, feeling clear, feeling happy, the new ideas come to you because you’ve created new pathways that are accompanied by new thoughts.

Think back to the new thoughts you had as a child. Did you ever build a fort when you were a kid? I built snow forts in the winter. In the summer I dug holes in the ground and put boards over them to make secret forts that looked like Kivas. Usually when I built a fort, it was with a feeling of excitement and a sense of adventure. It was the coolest thing on the planet, and I was totally absorbed in the task. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, there was zero stress, worry, “becauses” or “What ifs” involved. I never thought a fort would crash, and it didn’t. (Maybe I should have been an architect. Hmmm.)

We need to get back to that, back to feeling good so that we can make choices that bring out our sense of excitement and adventure. When you feel good, you meet new people because you’re literally vibrating at a different level. Those new people might lead to a new job, new friendships, or new relationships. When you feel good, you become more receptive. When you’re not stressed, change doesn’t loom ahead like a giant Worry Monster that haunts every waking moment.

Let go. Choose one new thing that makes you feel good, and do that so that you begin to feel good. The perfect next step will come when you’re least expecting it! When you feel good, there are no wrong answers or failures. When you feel good, you’ll know what to do!

(Please note: This is not for extreme life situations. Get help immediately if you are in a dangerous or manipulative situation. Take action now, no matter how you’re feeling about it or how it will affect those around you.)


The Goddess is Ecstasy!

The Goddess is Ecstasy!

The act of creation is an act of ecstasy, and creative energy is Goddess energy. To align yourself with Goddess energy, which is creative energy, is to be in a state of ecstasy. According to, ecstasy is defined as, 1) rapturous delight, 2) an overpowering emotion or exaltation; a state of sudden, intense feeling, 3) the frenzy of poetic inspiration, and 4) mental transport or rapture from the contemplation of divine things.

Ask yourself if you have felt ecstasy when you create. Whether art, writing, parenting, building, acting, or dance, think how you literally lose yourself and lose track of time when your creation comes from joy. Think of some truly triumphant moments in your life. Creating and being creative is quite euphoric. Using our Goddess-given creativity honors the Divine Feminine, and using our creative gifts contributes to the entire planet, Mother Earth.

Honoring the Divine Feminine wouldn’t be complete without considering intuition, receptive energy, and protection.

Whether we’re male or female, we have the ability to use intuition and be receptive. Intuition is a receptive activity. Think of the phrase, “It suddenly came to me…” Feel how our language perfectly describes the receptive aspect of intuition. You don’t go out and get an idea; it comes to you–receptive. Most psychics (intuitives) describe their gift as information coming to them, not as something they go out and get. This is definitely what happens to me when I read the Tarot; the images come to me.

As an example of how receptivity works, whether for creativity or intuition, feel the difference between trying to remember a dry, boring text and remembering a scene from your favorite novel. The dry boring text feels like you are trying to get the information from outside of you, which expends energy and stops the natural flow of the creative process. It becomes frustrating. Sometimes our faces even contort with the effort of recall! Now, think of your favorite novel, the one you read for pleasure. The words in the novel created whole pictures, fully detailed characters and locations. The recall is effortless. Our faces are peaceful or even include a smile with that recall! That is receptive energy.

While feminine energy is ecstatic, receptive, and intuitive, it is also protective. Feminine energy is protective down to the cells of our bodies. The protection instinct of every mother of every species to defend her young at any cost is epic! If you have any misgivings about the strength of the Divine Feminine, just check out this mother cougar protecting her cubs against a grizzly bear!

You can draw on the Divine Feminine and Goddess energy, again, whether you are male or female. The Divine Feminine allows you to tap into your creativity, receptivity, intuition, and the ability to protect. Take a moment to apply each of these gifts to different areas of your life. Creativity can solve problems. Receptivity can draw money. Intuition can tell you whether your plans for the weekend will be in your best interest. Protection can help you draw personal boundaries.

Enjoy the gift of the Divine Feminine within! These are forces are inside each of us!

Please leave a comment to let everyone know your experience with the Goddess Within!


A Murder of Crows: How Witches Read Signs and Omens

A Murder of Crows: How Witches Read Signs and Omens
A Murder of Crows: How Witches Read Signs and Omens

A murder of more than forty crows appeared outside my window today (a group of crows is called a murder). They were magnificent. The bay and the sky were gray, a perfect backdrop for the magick that arrived. Crows are magickal. There is strength, a pride that borders on arrogance, grace, and of course they’re famous for their trickery. I love that crows also have a deep sense of community and they post guards while feeding to protect the group. Crows and ravens are steeped in the lore of many traditions, and they fill our sacred texts with stories of magick and signs – omens. I rarely see one crow on the bay, let alone a murder. I felt fortunate and blessed.

Here’s why…

When something unusual happens in your life, take note. Synchronicity is playing a part in your life, and Life wants you to pay attention! There is a difference between connecting life circumstances that really don’t mean much, and finding meaningful synchronicities to guide you along Life’s path.

The crows visited at a time when I was feeling really good. So many wonderful things have been happening lately: I’ve started a new health regime, I’ve been able to focus on my work, my relationships are outstanding, and I just printed out the last draft of “Winter Shock” for the last edit before it goes to press. I made a last-minute change and named one of my characters “Raven” which is in the crow family, and the cycle of power for the Raven is Winter Solstice, which is the basis of my book. I didn’t remember that until I read about Crow and Raven today (Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews; I love that book!). Just as Crows and Ravens are in the same family (the only difference being size), Signs and Omens are in the same family, and often used to define each other in various dictionaries. So, the murder of crows was a beautiful sign of abundance, good news, and an acknowledgment of even more good magick coming my way. It was a sign that I am on the right path.

Sometimes signs are literal signs! Billboards and advertisements can be omens, especially if you ask for them. When is a sign not a sign? If you’re thinking about getting a new mattress and you suddenly see a dozen stores displaying advertisements that their mattresses are on sale might not be a “sign” that you should get the new mattress: Mattresses are always on sale. That is simply your mind trying to fulfill a need. We’re wired that way. If you’re not getting a restful night of sleep, that in itself is a good sign that you need to get a new mattress! True signs that take you farther on Life’s path are a little more complex than that, and it just takes a little practice to be able to interpret them for yourself and others.

The best way to see a sign is often overlooked: ask for a sign. Better still, ask for a specific sign. Make it something unusual. Sacred texts are full of stories of “asking for signs”. I once had an incredibly difficult choice to make that would change my entire life. Finally, one morning I asked the Universe to see a gorilla as a “Yes” sign. I chose a gorilla after a lot of thought; a gorilla would be unusual enough that I would know it was a sign and not a coincidence. If I had asked for an apple, it would be harder to consider that a sign! I thought I would see a picture of a gorilla somewhere. What happened was quite different.

I was very busy as my day went on, and not thinking about “The Sign” I had asked for. I pulled into a gas station where I normally bought gas. I liked the owners of the gas station. They had hired a sweet guy who was mentally challenged, needed help, and most likely wouldn’t have been hired elsewhere. He was always friendly, but never spoke beyond a short list of gas station lingo and always said, “thank you” like he meant it. I rolled down my window and instead of asking me what kind of gas I wanted, he asked, “Why do gorillas have big noses?” I was shocked and said, “Why?” He said, “Because they have big fingers.” And then he just laughed and laughed. He misunderstood my open mouth and the look of oh-my-Goddess-what-just-happened, and he started to apologize, and asked if he had done something bad. I said of course not, and that it was the best joke I had ever heard. The Universe had sent me a sign, along with a bonus sign to lighten up about Life’s decisions.

The crows are gone now, but their magick is still working in my heart, telling me to watch for the magick that the day brings. The crows are telling me to keep watching for signs that take me on Life’s path with gratitude and joy.

What signs have you seen lately?


Discover How to Stay in the Present While Planning for the Future

Discover How to Stay in the Present While Planning for the Future
       I recently had a friend say she didn’t want to plan for a particular future  event (a guy who was interested in her wanted to take her on a date) because she was practicing “being in the present”. I have heard that in the past as well (ironic, I know), and I think sometimes we hear a catch phrase and don’t investigate the meaning behind it.
       So, how do you stay in the present and plan for the future? Here’s the key: How do you feel *right now* about an event that will take place in the future?
       I asked my friend how she felt in *that moment* about the guy asking her on a date. She thought it sounded fun. Well, then! Plan *now* to go on the date in the future, making you feel good in the present! It’s that instant gut feeling that you have before all the other thoughts, anticipation, or “what-ifs” begin. It’s the gut feeling you have before you perceive your wardrobe to be insufficient or you need to get up early the morning after.
       Being in the present is about, you guessed it, being in the present, listening to your emotions in the blink of an eye. Being in the present has to do with how you’re feeling *now* when asked about a date in the future. There’s a reason you feel good or bad about a future event. You’re tapping into Source wisdom about your Path. Base your future plans on how you’re feeling about them now, and you’re still “living in the present.”
       Be present while planning future events, filling out calendars, making resolutions, and goal planning! The next time you have to fill in your calendar, see how you feel about what you’re planning, and be present during the planning process. If it is a responsibility you’re not looking forward to like taxes or laundry, visualize the next good place. How you will feel when the task is complete? That will make you feel good *now*.
       The biggest downfall of not staying in the present is worry. Worry causes negative feelings and thoughts that do nothing more than bathe your entire system with adrenaline and cortisol — stress hormones that age your body and have been linked to disease.
       Parents worry when a child doesn’t showing up when they’re supposed to (of course, they’re always “dead in a ditch somewhere”. If that were true every time someone thought it, ditches would be filled with bodies.). The “what-ifs” start popping into your head, and you flip-flop from past to future. This is when it’s important to stay in the present. Tune in. Become aware of your breath, the room, how you’re sitting, maybe some artwork you haven’t paid much attention to lately.
       Trust the Universe, and that we’re in the right place in the right time for a reason. Being in the present means feeling good *now*.

Witchy Books That Aren’t About Witches!

Witchy Books That Aren’t About Witches!

I wish more websites would include books that are not written specifically about Witches or Witchcraft when they list their “Top Ten Books For Witches”. Knowledge and Wisdom, two very different things, come from the full banquet of Life. And we would become extremely malnourished if we ate only one kind of food. So it is with learning The Craft. A banquet of all kinds of books, not just the Witchy ones, will deepen your Understanding. Some websites even list books in elaborate categories, like “Beginning Wicca” or “Herbal Studies”, etc. These lists are usually filled with great recommendations, and many popular books are mentioned over and over again on different websites. (A few of them even list my book, “Natural Magick: The Essential Witch’s Grimoire”. It’s true. Don’t tell anyone, but I occasionally google myself.) I also wish the lists would include some fiction works! Fiction and Story Telling are powerful.

I want to give you my Top Favorite Books That Never Mention Witchcraft. I was going to say “Top Ten”, but there are nine authors, and a couple have more than one entry. These wonderful books are about visualization, New Thought (which started around the beginning of the 1800’s), Divinity Within, and changing your thoughts. It is my belief that Magick is about being in the right vibration, and that ritual is an aid to get you vibrating in the right direction to make the things you want to happen happen (I had to leave that sentence as written just because it’s fun). I also believe that we have to change to make our lives change. Doing ritual and magick to create change is about creating a new awareness within ourselves.

So, here are my top ten books, not necessarily in order, for creating positive change – and that’s what magick is all about:

Wallace Wattles’s works are amazing. The following three are very short books, and you can google and download them for free. I consider three of his works to be a seminal trilogy in New Thought. His most famous book is The Science of Getting Rich. The title means “rich” in money, yes, but it also is about being Rich in All Things; it means a life abundant in love, beauty, and friendship. The other two books are The Science of Being Great, and The Science of Being Well. Interestingly, Wallace Wattles would have considered himself a Christian and was prominent in his Methodist church, but was thrown out for “heresy”.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  Some of the word choices in the book are a bit difficult to take because they were politically correct and even considered polite in the 1930’s. They would be law-suit worthy today. So, depending on the version you’re reading, just stick with it. The title is a catchy one, but I think the title would be more accurate as “Think and Change Your Life.” I’ve read this book several times, and I believe that the practices in this book will change your life – like magick.

Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting, by Lynn Grabhorn. The author is deceased, and some of her other books are very fringe, indeed, so read them with an open mind if you continue reading this author beyond her most famous work. This book takes the work of the previous two authors and really emphasizes that you have to FEEL GOOD to draw the same kind of energy to you (the ever-popular Law of Attraction). If magick is manipulating the natural, then this book makes more sense than any with regard to manipulating how you FEEL to in order to bring things that FEEL GOOD to you. Read it!

I recommend the Tao Te Ching. This one is tricky. It’s comprised of 81 verses that can mean different things at different times in your life. That alone is pretty magickal! The various translations can even seem to mean very different things. Try to find one that resonates with you, and then find one that has scholarly commentary along with the verses. (This is true of the Bhagavadgita as well. This is a treasured and sacred text, but I do not personally list the Bhagavadgita because, even though I’ve studied it, and studied it in depth at an Ashram with a Swami, and the war is supposed to represent the struggle with Self, I still see it as war, and I refuse to believe that we need to learn about ourselves via war – and maybe that’s why I’m still learning, because that in itself is a war. But I digress…) So – back to the Tao Te Ching: As I said, find a copy with commentary. One I’ve read that I’ve enjoyed and recommend because of the simple writing style is Wayne Dyer’s “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life – Living the Wisdom of the Tao.”

The Life You Were Born To Live by Dan Millman. Okay, here is a practical book that will also teach numerology. This book will give you a beautiful Big Picture of the Personality and its Soul Quest (these are my terms) via numerology. There are gems in this book that, when you read them, your Being will be filled with one “Aha” after another. You will find yourself nodding your head in recognition, and it’s the kind of recognition that our Souls see beneath the deepest waters of our psyches.

Light Emerging and also Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan. These are beautiful books that will help you understand hands-on healing, the aura, and chakras (and other parts of the “subtle body”), and these books will give you a beautiful visual for what you are intuiting about our “subtle body”.

And, yes, I am a fan of the spiritual writings of Shirley MacLaine. The woman has traveled the world to find her truth and share it, and she risked ridicule and her career to do it. I believe many of her truths are Universal. I really like Dancing in the Light and Going Within. Maybe it’s because I was involved in theatre and dance for so many years that I identify with Shirley (first name basis even!), because I understand that what you have in your mind’s eye you can create on this realm. When I directed a show, I had a vision of what I wanted to see on the stage, and then made it happen (along with the actors, technicians, costume designer, set designer, etc.!). It took a long time to realize that we can do that in life, too. Shirley MacLaine’s books will help you see – and understand – that as well!

Fiction: I love fiction that can teach spiritual principles. It’s also one of the reasons I am writing The Grimoire Chronicles. I’m only going to list two books here, and I would love to hear from you what fiction books you have read that have changed your life!

2150 by Thea Alexander. This is when I learned that fiction can entertain and be a wonderful way to learn. It was written in the 1970’s, and it’s about a guy who wakes up in a utopian future where we as a society have everything spiritually figured out. I know, fiction, right? I read it when I was 15 and it began my quest for the truth of why we’re here and what religion and spirituality are all about. This book, along with other life circumstances and books, jump-started my life-long journey into metaphysical studies. This is the power of fiction. I’d say it was pretty significant!

The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. Say what you will about the writing (I’ve said it myself), but the ideas in this book will start you on a personal journey into the discovery of Self.

There are a bazillion more books, but this is a good start. I’d love to hear what books changed your life, or share your experiences with the books mentioned above!!! Please click on “leave a comment” below to to talk about your faves!

Brightest Blessings and Happy Reading!