Witchcraft and the Law of Attraction

We hear so much about being able to “draw anything to us if we want it badly enough!” The Law of Attraction says, that “like attracts like”. Please understand: “wanting something badly” simply draws more “wanting something badly”. Feel in the presence of *having* what you want, which never includes the “wanting” of it.

When you translate the knowledge of the Law of Attraction to Witchcraft, think of how you infuse the tools you’re using with the energy you want to manifest the desired outcome. Prosperity candle magick? You anoint the candle with oils carrying the vibration of prosperity – Law of Attraction! – and visualize and *feel* the abundance you desire – more Law of Attraction!. Sympathetic magick? Creating rain for crops by gathering some earth on a plate and sprinkling the earth water that has been blessed while *feeling* that the earth already has plenty – Law of Attraction!. Love spell? Fill a poppet with herbs carrying the quality of the kind of mate you want to attract (remember, you’re attracting love, not a specific person!), and mingle the herbs that most represent you – and bring those energies together in a poppet. Law of Attraction! Of course – since you’re very smart you would probably use sage for yourself, and you want to draw someone very smart so you would use sage for that person – mingling those energies together. Law of Attraction!

I’m sending blessings and good tidings for using the Law of Attraction in your spell-work! I look forward to hearing what you think, and how your rituals might have changed!

Brightest blessings!


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9 Responses to Witchcraft and the Law of Attraction

  1. kathy says:

    Nice Sally, really nice. Thanks.

  2. Basilily says:

    I love this! How many times have I wanted something so badly, instead of visualizing having it!
    Love how you translate it to witchcraft…makes perfect sense to me now, and will make it so much easier to remember.

    ~visualizing reading your book Winter Shock~ 😉

  3. Christine says:

    So true! Love the Robin Wood deck!

  4. Angelwitch says:

    Definitely a very enjoyable post! I always felt that the law of attraction was part of a spell anyway because you are always supposed to visualize and feel your intent as you cast your spell

    • Sally Dubats says:

      Angelwitch, yes! And when the Law of Attraction “took over the world” (lol), I thought, ‘Witches have already done that for centuries!’ Blessed be!

  5. Alan Jay says:

    Well done!
    I have been saying this for years! I however think that with tools and physical items like crystals, herbs etc, you put more of your personal energy and you ground the energy your working, instead of it being completely mind magick. Plus the creative Witch in all of us just dies to express itself! 🙂

    Thank you Sally.


  6. ElkSpirit Walker says:


    You have a wonderful way with knowing and communicating your insight. I look forward to Monday Magick and seeing what you share with all of us each week.

    Thank you for your knowledge and your joy in sharing it. Happy Samhain.

    Blessed Be

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