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Samhain Poem: All Hallows Eve

Samhain Poem: All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve

 By Sally Dubats

Welcome ye now

to All Hallows Eve

Open the door

To webs we weave.


Midpoint between

Mabon and Yule

See the unseen

When nature is dual


Love and Light,

To Friends who’ve passed,

Taking our flight

Together at last.

The Veil is thin

Between our Worlds

You’ll hear the din

As belief unfurls

Apples and Candy

Bobbing and fun

Celebrate, Yes!

But when feasting is done…


Settle ye spirits

On this Sacred night,

Time to hear

Our stories of plight

We remember now

Those we’ve lost

And our heads do bow

At the great cost


Fathers and Mothers,

Sisters and Brothers,

Friends and Lovers,

Cousins and Others.


So candles burn

To honor those passed

And show the way

To Summerland’s rest.


The Veil will lower,

This we know

But cherish the hour

And don’t be low.

In a year and a day

Bless’ed candles we’ll burn

An’ next All Hallows Eve

Departed Spirits Return


With Love, Light, and Brightest Blessings

Happy Samhain,



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Discover How To Enchant a Stone for Love or Money

Discover How To Enchant a Stone for Love or Money

The purpose of this enchantment is to carry with you a quality you want to draw to yourself. Qualities include love, abundance, luck, a job, a higher spiritual vibration, or losing weight. It could be whatever you want in your life!

You will need: A stone that holds the qualities you want to draw (more about that in a second). An herb to match that vibration. A Full Moon.

If you don’t already have a stone with the qualities you want to draw, visit a metaphysical shop (one of my favorite things to do!). You should be able to find the perfect stone for less than five dollars. For example, Rose Quartz would be good for drawing love; sodalite would be good for communicating better. You can google “meanings of stones” to help you.

Research the herb that carries the same vibration.

I will use “drawing love” as my example for enchanting a stone. I will use basil as my herb, and Rose Quartz as my stone. As a little-known side note, Rose Quartz is pink and works to balance the heart chakra. I find this interesting: the 7th chakra is sometimes viewed as white, and the base chakra can be viewed as red. Red and White combined make pink, the color of Rose Quartz. Our heart chakra is the center of the chakras, and the conduit or fulcrum of spirit and body. There are three “higher chakras” above, and three “earthly chakras” below. But I digress…

On a full moon, place the herbs on a small plate. I am using basil in my example, so I would put four or five large basil leaves on my plate. If it’s a different kind of herb like tarragon (protection) that has tiny leaves on a stem or mustard seeds (prosperity), use enough to make a small bed or mound on which to place your stone. You can also use dried herbs right from your cupboard; simply make a small mound with the dried herbs.

Hold your hand over the herbs, and visualize white light from the heavens moving through the top of your head, through your heart, and down through your arm and hand and saturate the herbs with loving Oneness. Feel gratitude for the herbs working with you and for you. Say a blessing that feels right to you. As an example, “I bless this sacred basil and am filled with gratitude as it lays the groundwork for drawing my intended love close to my heart.”

Hold your stone. Visualize your perfect scenario, more confidence or love or prosperity. What does that look like and feel like to you? Make it real. Very real. What does it feel like? Feeeeeel it. Visualize that energy going into your stone as you hold it. Again, draw divine white light from the heavens through the top of your head, to your heart, through your arms and hands and into the stone.

Place the stone onto the pillow of herbs. Continuing to hold your hands above the stone, say the following or similar words that hold meaning for you, “I bless this sacred Rose Quartz. Your sacred vibration draws my intended love (prosperity, perfect job, etc.) close to my heart.” The words are less important than the intention and what you are feeling. An important note is to be clear about being in the space of already having what you want, and not being in the space of needing what you want! For instance, really be in love while doing this enchantment, and not in the place of wishing you had love.

Leave your stone in the moonlight for a twenty-four hour period. Charged with your intention, it will gain energy and be cleansed in the moonlight while you sleep. If the full moon is during the day (check an ephemeris), leave the stone out during the day as well. If you simply cannot leave your spell work outside, place the plate in a window.

After twenty-four hours, pick up your stone and feel the yummy vibrations it carries. Bless the herbs and either burn them on charcoal and thank them for their work, or scatter them to the winds asking the winds to carry your desires to the Universe, or bury the herbs letting the earth element plant the seeds. It’s nice to match your astrological element with this part. For example, burn if you’re a fire sign, bury if you’re an earth sign, scatter upon water if you’re a water sign. Keep the stone with you during the day, in your pocket, wallet, purse, or desk drawer. Refer to your feelings during your enchantment often, and just watch what wonders you draw!

Blessed be!



Paranormal Wednesday!

Paranormal Wednesday!

     I’d like to extend a big thank you to Shonda Brock for creating “Paranormal Wednesday”! Every week Shonda highlights a different paranormal author (Genius, right? One stop, and you can find all kinds of great books!), and I’m so happy and honored to be among the talented writers she has as a guest on her blog.

So, to find out my “Aha moment” or what inspired me to write “The Grimoire Chronicles”, visit: Paranormal Wednesday!

Brightest Blessings!




Witchcraft and the Law of Attraction

Witchcraft and the Law of Attraction

We hear so much about being able to “draw anything to us if we want it badly enough!” The Law of Attraction says, that “like attracts like”. Please understand: “wanting something badly” simply draws more “wanting something badly”. Feel in the presence of *having* what you want, which never includes the “wanting” of it.

When you translate the knowledge of the Law of Attraction to Witchcraft, think of how you infuse the tools you’re using with the energy you want to manifest the desired outcome. Prosperity candle magick? You anoint the candle with oils carrying the vibration of prosperity – Law of Attraction! – and visualize and *feel* the abundance you desire – more Law of Attraction!. Sympathetic magick? Creating rain for crops by gathering some earth on a plate and sprinkling the earth water that has been blessed while *feeling* that the earth already has plenty – Law of Attraction!. Love spell? Fill a poppet with herbs carrying the quality of the kind of mate you want to attract (remember, you’re attracting love, not a specific person!), and mingle the herbs that most represent you – and bring those energies together in a poppet. Law of Attraction! Of course – since you’re very smart you would probably use sage for yourself, and you want to draw someone very smart so you would use sage for that person – mingling those energies together. Law of Attraction!

I’m sending blessings and good tidings for using the Law of Attraction in your spell-work! I look forward to hearing what you think, and how your rituals might have changed!

Brightest blessings!



Full Moon Poem

Full Moon Poem

Brightest Blessings for a Magickal Full Moon!

Sisters, Brethren, Witchess, All,

Feel the full moon begin its call,

As magick draws near,

Heal friends and family dear,

Feed the spirit with ethereal light,

Let your love take flight!

Light the candles,

Watch them glow

As power o’ the Goddess

Indeed does grow

Prosperity, Love, Success to you!

Pass it along, All with a song

The magick you make

Is the Magick you get

Chant and Build Energy

Release all regret!

Be in love, Feel the love,

And ever your days shall go

For love is the key that opens your Life

And may magick make it so!




Coming in September

I’m very, VERY, excited to formally reveal the cover for “Winter Shock”, Book 2 in “The Grimoire Chronicles” series! The book was originally titled “Winter Solstice” and I have changed the name to “Winter Shock”! After everything that has happened and how the book developed (and the rest of the series!), the new title is more appropriate. I will be releasing the book mid-September!

A very BIG thank you to cover designer, Judy Bullard, who continually provides great service and professionalism. (If you’re interested in looking for a fabulous cover designer, you can find Judy here: www.customebookcovers.com)

I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Thank you so much to each and every one of you for all your support!




Why Is Dancing With The Goddess So Controversial?

Why Is Dancing With The Goddess So Controversial?

Wicca, to me, is like a beautiful gem with many facets. Ask ten Witches a philosophical question, and you’ll get ten different answers, especially since not all Witches are Wiccans! Are there really wrong answers? Aren’t the answers just based on our personal spiritual growth in that given moment? I think every answer has the seeds of Truth, some aspect of Truth. We all come from where we’ve been. It’s true every time. We can only give answers based on where we’ve come from and what we’ve learned (or been taught – which are two very different things with very different consequences). So, each of us has valuable information to share, and sharing that information is like seeing another facet of that beautiful gem that is Wicca.

This Summer Solstice, I went as a guest to a lovely ritual that honored the Goddess. Since “My Wicca” is about duality, male and female balance, it was a matter of flipping an inner coin because, for me, Midsummer is all about the God energy. For me, the Sun represents the God and male energy, and since the sun is shining its longest in the Northern Hemisphere where I live, in my own Midsummer ritual, I honor that male aspect that is Godlike. I honor the part of me that is the Achiever, The Doer, The Provider, The Giver. I honor that part of me that says “Jump and the net will appear!” (Even in that statement, there is duality; the jumping is God energy, the trust inherent in believing the net will appear is Goddess energy.) So, during the ritual, my inner coin flipped, and I thought of the abundance that our beloved Goddess is giving birth to at Midsummer: fruits, vegetables, grains, and flowers. I thought of the still “pregnant” Earth that is rich with growing grapes for the autumn wine harvest, and pumpkins and squash for storage. The Goddess-based Midsummer ritual held great meaning for me.

This made me think of all the turmoil in the Pagan community about Goddess worship and, of course, the currently much-discussed Z Budapest debates about what exactly is “Female”. I believe in reincarnation, that we’ve all been men and we’ve all been women, so we are learning from our own duality. Years ago I spoke with Z about Goddess worship to the exclusion of the God, and she said that the world had been much damaged by exclusion of the Goddess over the centuries and so she wanted to bring balance back. I said that worshipping only the Goddess would cause just as much trouble, and Z stated that there was so much God energy on the planet it would take a long time before any imbalance could possibly occur.

I disagree. I think that if you “fight” too hard for anything, all people see is the fighting and the anger, and the message disappears. I’ve seen it over and over again in animal rights, conservation movements, and equal rights. It’s like being at a funeral and being in a space of Grief and Loss. It can be so hard to feel the Love and Renewal, the very purpose of gathering when a loved one passes, when all around you is the intense energy of Grief. And so it is with the Goddess and God, and I do feel the pain of imbalance on the planet, and the beauty of balance all around us. (And, very personally, I am sorry for the beautiful women who have been hurt by being excluded from dancing with the Goddess. We are all such Spiritual Beings, and simply trying to find our Way.)

In various holistic medicines, an imbalance in the body is brought back to balance by taking herbs or supplements that bring us back to center, not by taking herbs or supplements that pull us too far in the opposite direction. I know my body works best when working toward balance. I think our bodies are a great means to providing clues to how we can look at life in general (Louise Hay and Carolyn Myss have great information on that topic).

I talked with a dear and wise friend about these things, and we came to the conclusion that the Sun (God) must shine on the Earth (Goddess) for there to be growth, and there lies the Balance. I felt complete harmony in the fact that I celebrated the Goddess during Solstice. Interestingly, a Facebook friend from South Africa posted a lovely Yule e-card to me immediately following that conversation! It was, to me, a gift from a Goddess who seemed to smile knowingly. So as the earth is in balance with Dark and Light, Day and Night, Winter and Summer, so are our various incarnations. We may not be able to see the Male and Female Duality within ourselves, but it is there whether we see it or not. I am blessed to have my friends reflect answers – and duality – back to me.

The Summer Solstice ritual was during the weekend, so it was a few days before actual Solstice when I more fully bathed in the energy of the God and the Sun. There are no accidents, and so in my quest for balance, I was able to celebrate both the Goddess and the God during this incredibly beautiful Summer Solstice. May it also be with you: should you so choose. Blessed be.


Shocking Witch Proverbs!

Shocking Witch Proverbs!

Okay. You’re not going to believe me, but proverbs have been changed over the years. Here are the original proverbs in all their glory:

  • The Goddess meant for us to fly, and gave us a broom.
  • A Spell A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!
  • Goddess helps those who help themselves.
  • Magick makes the heart grow fonder!
  • Cleanliness is next to Goddessness.
  • Behind every great man, there’s a great Witch.
  • An ounce of witchcraft is worth a pound of cure.
  • All Witchcraft is Well that Ends Well!
  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull Witch.
  • A watched cauldron never boils.


Now… leave a comment with your own proverbs! Brightest blessings!