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Samhain Poem: All Hallows Eve

Samhain Poem: All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve

 By Sally Dubats

Welcome ye now

to All Hallows Eve

Open the door

To webs we weave.


Midpoint between

Mabon and Yule

See the unseen

When nature is dual


Love and Light,

To Friends who’ve passed,

Taking our flight

Together at last.

The Veil is thin

Between our Worlds

You’ll hear the din

As belief unfurls

Apples and Candy

Bobbing and fun

Celebrate, Yes!

But when feasting is done…


Settle ye spirits

On this Sacred night,

Time to hear

Our stories of plight

We remember now

Those we’ve lost

And our heads do bow

At the great cost


Fathers and Mothers,

Sisters and Brothers,

Friends and Lovers,

Cousins and Others.


So candles burn

To honor those passed

And show the way

To Summerland’s rest.


The Veil will lower,

This we know

But cherish the hour

And don’t be low.

In a year and a day

Bless’ed candles we’ll burn

An’ next All Hallows Eve

Departed Spirits Return


With Love, Light, and Brightest Blessings

Happy Samhain,



My Books Are Free This Weekend!

My Books Are Free This Weekend!

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A Murder of Crows: How Witches Read Signs and Omens

A Murder of Crows: How Witches Read Signs and Omens
A Murder of Crows: How Witches Read Signs and Omens

A murder of more than forty crows appeared outside my window today (a group of crows is called a murder). They were magnificent. The bay and the sky were gray, a perfect backdrop for the magick that arrived. Crows are magickal. There is strength, a pride that borders on arrogance, grace, and of course they’re famous for their trickery. I love that crows also have a deep sense of community and they post guards while feeding to protect the group. Crows and ravens are steeped in the lore of many traditions, and they fill our sacred texts with stories of magick and signs – omens. I rarely see one crow on the bay, let alone a murder. I felt fortunate and blessed.

Here’s why…

When something unusual happens in your life, take note. Synchronicity is playing a part in your life, and Life wants you to pay attention! There is a difference between connecting life circumstances that really don’t mean much, and finding meaningful synchronicities to guide you along Life’s path.

The crows visited at a time when I was feeling really good. So many wonderful things have been happening lately: I’ve started a new health regime, I’ve been able to focus on my work, my relationships are outstanding, and I just printed out the last draft of “Winter Shock” for the last edit before it goes to press. I made a last-minute change and named one of my characters “Raven” which is in the crow family, and the cycle of power for the Raven is Winter Solstice, which is the basis of my book. I didn’t remember that until I read about Crow and Raven today (Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews; I love that book!). Just as Crows and Ravens are in the same family (the only difference being size), Signs and Omens are in the same family, and often used to define each other in various dictionaries. So, the murder of crows was a beautiful sign of abundance, good news, and an acknowledgment of even more good magick coming my way. It was a sign that I am on the right path.

Sometimes signs are literal signs! Billboards and advertisements can be omens, especially if you ask for them. When is a sign not a sign? If you’re thinking about getting a new mattress and you suddenly see a dozen stores displaying advertisements that their mattresses are on sale might not be a “sign” that you should get the new mattress: Mattresses are always on sale. That is simply your mind trying to fulfill a need. We’re wired that way. If you’re not getting a restful night of sleep, that in itself is a good sign that you need to get a new mattress! True signs that take you farther on Life’s path are a little more complex than that, and it just takes a little practice to be able to interpret them for yourself and others.

The best way to see a sign is often overlooked: ask for a sign. Better still, ask for a specific sign. Make it something unusual. Sacred texts are full of stories of “asking for signs”. I once had an incredibly difficult choice to make that would change my entire life. Finally, one morning I asked the Universe to see a gorilla as a “Yes” sign. I chose a gorilla after a lot of thought; a gorilla would be unusual enough that I would know it was a sign and not a coincidence. If I had asked for an apple, it would be harder to consider that a sign! I thought I would see a picture of a gorilla somewhere. What happened was quite different.

I was very busy as my day went on, and not thinking about “The Sign” I had asked for. I pulled into a gas station where I normally bought gas. I liked the owners of the gas station. They had hired a sweet guy who was mentally challenged, needed help, and most likely wouldn’t have been hired elsewhere. He was always friendly, but never spoke beyond a short list of gas station lingo and always said, “thank you” like he meant it. I rolled down my window and instead of asking me what kind of gas I wanted, he asked, “Why do gorillas have big noses?” I was shocked and said, “Why?” He said, “Because they have big fingers.” And then he just laughed and laughed. He misunderstood my open mouth and the look of oh-my-Goddess-what-just-happened, and he started to apologize, and asked if he had done something bad. I said of course not, and that it was the best joke I had ever heard. The Universe had sent me a sign, along with a bonus sign to lighten up about Life’s decisions.

The crows are gone now, but their magick is still working in my heart, telling me to watch for the magick that the day brings. The crows are telling me to keep watching for signs that take me on Life’s path with gratitude and joy.

What signs have you seen lately?


Exciting Updates!

Exciting Updates!

"Veil Between Worlds" Giveaway!

I wanted to share a note with you of some wonderful things happening! I also love that this is happening on my lucky number 13 date, October 13th!

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Brightest blessings!




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“Veil Between Worlds” FREE PRIZE GIVEAWAY!
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With This Blood, I Thee Wed

With This Blood, I Thee Wed

This short story is a present for those of you who asked me to write something about Vampires. This is also a little snack for those of you waiting for Book 2 in the “Grimoire Chronicles” series (thank you for your patience!) And without further ado… ::a red velvet curtain opens::

With This Blood, I Thee Wed

Mare sat on the edge of the bed and again arranged the sheer fabric of her white negligee and its matching peignoir so they would drape in what she hoped was an enticing manner along the sides of her legs. She delicately crossed her feet at the ankles. Too demure. She leaned back on her elbows. Too sexy. Mare stood. The negligee and peignoir draped around her ankles. She walked across the room and turned off the light. The remaining candlelight was far more romantic. The small flames lit the room, and shadows played along the wallpaper of delicate roses. The old Bed and Breakfast rested on a cliff high above the ocean, and the honeymoon suite was spacious and hopelessly romantic.

Mare sat back down on the bed and shrugged her long, shiny black hair behind her. The hair cascaded down her back like freshly draped silk. She had applied her makeup to perfection — ruby lips, soft blush, seductive eyes. She fought the urge to check her makeup again, and fanned the diaphanous negligee around herself on the bed, making her the centerpiece. She envisioned herself a delicate flower waiting for the untold delights her new husband would bring on his return to their honeymoon suite, and she trembled with delight at the thought of his touch. Read the rest of this entry