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Samhain Poem: All Hallows Eve

Samhain Poem: All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve

 By Sally Dubats

Welcome ye now

to All Hallows Eve

Open the door

To webs we weave.


Midpoint between

Mabon and Yule

See the unseen

When nature is dual


Love and Light,

To Friends who’ve passed,

Taking our flight

Together at last.

The Veil is thin

Between our Worlds

You’ll hear the din

As belief unfurls

Apples and Candy

Bobbing and fun

Celebrate, Yes!

But when feasting is done…


Settle ye spirits

On this Sacred night,

Time to hear

Our stories of plight

We remember now

Those we’ve lost

And our heads do bow

At the great cost


Fathers and Mothers,

Sisters and Brothers,

Friends and Lovers,

Cousins and Others.


So candles burn

To honor those passed

And show the way

To Summerland’s rest.


The Veil will lower,

This we know

But cherish the hour

And don’t be low.

In a year and a day

Bless’ed candles we’ll burn

An’ next All Hallows Eve

Departed Spirits Return


With Love, Light, and Brightest Blessings

Happy Samhain,



My Books Are Free This Weekend!

My Books Are Free This Weekend!

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Initiation, Rebirth, and Light.

Initiation, Rebirth, and Light.

This is a very important, personal, and special Imbolc for me. I’m taking the time to look at my Life as it is now, and compare it to the Wheel of the Year. Jung might have called it the Hero’s Journey.

Much of the Craft as we know it today is based on recent reconstruction. In some cases, the spells and rituals had more to do with the personality of the creator than being historically correct. Even more to the point, depending on the influence of that personality, their spells and rituals became The Law. If you didn’t do ritual or magick a particular way, you weren’t doing them right! Er… Welcome, Pagan Dogma? I know all about this because at one point I was a do-it-the-right-way Pagan snob. Now? Not so much. Blasphemy for some, liberation for me.

So, at Samhain last year, life began to turn to a tide that proved unbearable uncomfortable. I did a personal ritual to usher in the perfect life events to take me in the direction I was supposed to go. It was, after all, Samhain: the New Year. By Solstice, I was on the road. I left my partner of five years, and was coming home to Oregon. It was my goal to be in Oregon by the Solstice, and I made it. I had just finished “Winter Shock” which was a joy, but that joy was suffocated by the huge task of recreating my very Life, so I hadn’t had the opportunity to celebrate my accomplishment.

I got an amazing discount at a seaside lodge. It was perfect! I had a lovely personal Yule celebration in a huge, private hot tub on the Oregon Coast with some very nice aged scotch and fudge. This was seriously the only thing that I had available for cakes and ale; I’m not complaining! I see the humor. I did the whole Solstice ritual in the round hot tub, practically big enough to swim in, listening to the waves wildly crashing outside my window feeling totally free for the first time in a very long time. I celebrated the birth of “Winter Shock.” The ritual was a time of immense gratitude to the Goddess and the God, a time for inward reflection and setting intention, and it also represented an in-between time, the longest night of the year when we’re contemplative, then turn toward light. The hot tub became a large womb, like a cauldron. I gave myself the gift of another chance to be the “Sally” I came here to be, nurtured by the Goddess. The energy was phenomenal. It was an amazing experience. I’ll never forget it.

Now, at Imbolc, I certainly have a lot to celebrate, and after hitting rock bottom on so many levels back in December, which feels like a lifetime ago (indeed, it was another life), I certainly have nothing but potential!

And so we come to Imbolc. I go with my feelings, and I go with the personality of the creator, which in this case, is me. In your case, it’s you. I energetically feel the cross quarter Sabbats much more than I do the Solstices and Equinoxes – not always, but it’s a general trend. This year, Jupiter is going direct just before Imbolc. I’m a Sagittarian, and Jupiter is my ruling planet – the planet of expansion, so this makes me happy! I celebrate Imbolc with light, using lots of candles, and combining that with Jupiter going direct, I’m celebrating with my Inner Light Expanding. I know this is all very personal, but I believe that’s how we all learn and grow. We trust. We splay ourselves wide open in the face of Life, and become teachers, healers, friends and support for each other. We’re all in this together. I hope you think about how your Wheel of the Year is going — the seeds, the growth, and how our personal shadows always, always, always lead us to the Light.

Imbolc, for me, is all about potential, initiation, honoring the coming light. We’ve made it through the coldest, darkest part of the year (I’ve made it through the coldest, darkest part of my life so far), and now we’re closer to the Light. The days are growing longer. We move from inward reflection to action. I turned fifty last November and didn’t celebrate and honor my huge, enormous, giant, stupendous, cosmic event (there’s an adjective for every decade). I kindled the desire for change on Samhain, was in the womb on Solstice, so now, on Imbolc, it’s time to be born. I’m having an Imbolc ritual filled with Light, and it’s going to be my Birthday party — surrounded by great friends I love and adore! It is an Initiation, and those present at the ritual will be stepping forward in to their Initiation and new birth as well. This will be joyful!

I think we invent Life as we go along.

So, where are you this Imbolc? Is it a rite of passage, a time of expansion, a time to grow the Light within, a time of initiation, or maybe even a Birth Day for you too? Invent your Life!


Exciting Updates!

Exciting Updates!

"Veil Between Worlds" Giveaway!

I wanted to share a note with you of some wonderful things happening! I also love that this is happening on my lucky number 13 date, October 13th!

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Brightest blessings!




Samhain and the Goddess

Samhain and the Goddess

The blood which runs in us is born of the blood of our Earthly Mother. Her blood… babbles in the brooks of the mountains; flows wide in the rivers of the plains; sleeps in the lakes; rages mightily in tempestuous seas.

These are words from a third century Aramaic manuscript that were translated by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. The texts go on to say that the air we breathe is born of the breath of our Earthly Mother… the hardness of our bones is born of the rocks and of the stones, the tenderness of our flesh is born of the flesh of the fruits of our Earthly Mother. Read the rest of this entry


Great Day! Jupiter and Venus Go Direct!

Great Day! Jupiter and Venus Go Direct!

Take Action: November 18, 2010

Start a major project or initiate dynamic change.

Happy New Year! The New Year just began with Samhain on October 31, when we were at the midpoint between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice.

The New Year began with the Earth and Nature preparing for the long winter, mirrored by our personal journey inward.

But wait! Before surrendering to long nights and shorter days, there is a propitious astrological event with powerful energy that you may wish to harness. On Thursday, November 18, 2010, both Jupiter (the planet of luck and expansion) and Venus (we all know that one) turn direct while the moon is in Aries (a propitious time for new beginnings). The full moon in Taurus is Sunday, another propitious day for using this new Jupiter and Venus energy.

This is a fabulous time to take action in love, finances, new beginnings, or moving forward in any area in your life that has been feeling stuck. Make a decision and focus on the outcome or, if you want to go deeper (using my book or other reference) assemble tools for ritual that aid in your focus. Cast a spell to create your desired outcome for the major event or dynamic change you desire.

Happy Realization!



From One Witch to Another: Blessed Samhain!

From One Witch to Another: Blessed Samhain!

Samhain is just around the corner on October 31st. There are some very poetic reasons to love Samhain, but it is also a wonderful time to take stock of where you are with your personal goals for the year.  I like to use the traditional New Year of January 1st to write goals and assess the previous year, and the Celtic New Year of Samhain to look back at the goals I wrote at the beginning of the year, and finish any I haven’t achieved.  This year, Samhain falls on a waning Virgo moon, an excellent time to banish disorganization, and so I think I will do a spell on myself to get motivated to finish those goals!

The poetic side of Samhain allows me to reflect on the past year.  It has been a personally difficult year, a harsh summer that challenged farmers and vintners, and problems with the economy, health care, and global challenges dominated the news.  As Samhain is the midpoint between autumn and winter, it is a good time to reflect on losses and challenges and look within and meditate to see how these events, whether personal or global, can help us to be better people or what good these events have brought into our lives.  If you choose to do ritual on Samhain, you might want to write down anything negative in your life that you want to give away or get rid of.  Bless the paper and words and thoughts behind them, and burn the paper (using utmost care and safety) to symbolize the challenges leaving your world and being cleansed in the next.  It’s also a good time to light a candle for those who have crossed over.  With the release, comes celebration of new opportunity and the realization that everything is a Do Over!

Happy New Year and Blessed Be,